Explore New Sonic Depths With Matthew Dear At Make It New


There’s no denying that good things come in threes, order especially in the case of Matthew Dear and his third time around on the decks at Make It New. He’s coming back to Mmmmaven’s weekly party at Middlesex Lounge this Thursday after two previous, well received sets in past years and it’s definitely not something to miss.

Dear’s specific musical style is hard to pin down. He traverses a sonic spectrum drawing influences from techno to indie, with an emphasis on bone-chilling tonal elements and eerie vocals.

There’s an industrial element to his rhythms, building in intensity as melodic layers are added and subtracted with undeniable precision.

At times, his music even descends into an auditory explosion of sorts, evoking a sense of mayhem as reverbed vocals and pulsing beats fight against each other at the song’s climax, before ultimately reaching a cathartic resolution.

With that said, it’s not unlike Dear to mix it up and throw some harder techno tracks into his mix, as influences from his side project under the moniker Audion leak in.

These harder components no doubt lend themselves well to the element of suspense that Dear’s sets so heavily rest on.

He is by no means the producer that lets the drop come right when the audience wants it. Instead, his intricate rhythms ebb and flow, colliding into each other before finally succumbing to an audible apex.

Whether you’re a Make It New veteran or someone just looking to have a fun Thursday night, Dear is not something to be missed.

With tracks as gothic as they are pop, as minimal as they are complex, and as jarring as they are liberating, there’s definitely something in Dear’s sets for everyone.

#MakeItNew 11-Year Anniversary Party with Bicep


October 8th: Make It New with Bicep

For the celebration of our 11 years as a club night, we’re bringing back one of our favorite guests of all-time: the boys of BICEP. We love these guys because they came first from a rabid love of music and backed into becoming artists. First as a deep dive blog that has been running for, well, a long time, they devoted themselves to lost or under-appreciated genres like Italo, Boogie and Disco.

Yet it was their destiny to become stars.

Friends as teenagers, they would slip into raves and at the age of 16 had already witnessed the genius of Tiga, the phenomenal UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE and Philadelphia’s Josh Wink.

Fast-forward and they’re now releasing on labels like Fink and Will Saul Artist Page’s Aus Music and collaborating with Simian Mobile Disco.

The big time, basically.

Welcome back boys.

And the Make It New Resident DJs

Thu October 8th, 2015
Middlesex Lounge
315 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA
Central Square Cultural District

Mmmmaven Graduate Party [4/13]

mmmmaven project

Sunday April 13, viagra come see the next generation of Boston DJs play their first show. Eight recent graduates of Mmmmaven’s DJ course will be laying it down from 9-1 at the Middlesex Lounge.

Over the last 2 months these students were studying under instructors Pete O’Karma, General Motor , Jeff Kinney, and Charles Mazzola. They learned techniques in mixing styles, beat matching, sound design, Serato commands, scratching, and more. You’ll get to see them put these new skills into action for 25 minutes each.

Ever wished you saw an artist before they made it big? That’s some major bragging rights, there. You’re gonna wanna be at this show.


Do you want to know how to DJ? Do you want to play at a graduate party of your own? Do you want even more on top of that? Our DJ courses are the best way to do these things.

3 Reasons Not to Miss Holy Ghost


1. Holy Ghost live band is back!

The breezy disco vibes of headliner Holy Ghost! are reason numero uno you shouldn’t miss this funky treat of a live show. Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Nick Millhiser and Alex Frankel have been making feet move since the release of their first single, “Hold On” back in 2007. Praised by Resident Advisor as “one of the dirtiest little Italo tunes you’re likely to hear this year,” the duo’s momentum has only risen with a string of original releases and high-profile remixes, including one for DFA labelmate LCD Soundsystem. Sporting a six-man live show, Holy Ghost! breathe life into a machine-dominated genre and groove the way only music affected with a tinge of human error can.


2. Midnight Magic will be headlining a venue near you soon.

Fellow Brooklyn natives Midnight Magic keep the disco vibes going hard and strong. Like Holy Ghost!, Midnight Magic found a rocket to success when their first single “Beam Me Up” showed up on Tim Sweeney‘s Beats in Space ‘Best of 2009’ release. The song’s uplifting piano riff and cathartic vocal landed the group on the aptly titled Permanent Vacation label — home base for all things summer. Operating as a 9-person live ensemble with horns abound, Midnight Magic serve up a heaping platter of funk/disco/electro-soul that keeps crowds grooving well into the night.


3. John Barera is a local musician on the rise.

If you’ve been to our #Makeitnew parties at Middlesex, this man needs no introduction. If you haven’t, all you need to know is that this globetrotting dj, producer, and label head has all the necessary tools to get audiences moving. Dancing is an intense workout, so do your body a favor and come get warmed up with one of mmmmaven‘s finest.

Be like them! Start your new music career today in Central Square. Register for more info.

10.30.13 8 PM
The Sinclair, Cambridge, MA