Legowelt Releases Free Smackos Amiga 909 Drum Machine

Legowelt Drum Machine
Eclectic Dutch producer, and #MakeItNew Alumnus, Legowelt recently released a free drum machine for Ableton Live, based on samples from his old Amiga 909 sample floppy disk. In addition to sampling his old floppy disk, Legowelt included some hand-crafted goodies in the form of some included FX.

Introducing brand new technologies such as FLOCCULENCE, AMIGAnizer
and SKOOLY SPACE to give u a fresh spectaculair 909 experience u never had before!!!

Using and learning from the tools of producers like Legowelt is a good way to get inside their heads, and figure out their secrets. Just recently we also showed you the PX18 sequencer from Monolake, a tool they programmed for themselves back in 1995, and which became a major inspiration for the layout of Ableton live. The PX18 is also available as a free download, and is a good insight into the mind of two other techno and house veterans.

You can download the Smackos Amiga 909 from Legowelt’s website, as well as a ton of synthesizer and drum machine sample packs, and a clap generator synth for Ableton with parameters to control the “sogginess”, “wallop”, and “funk spicyness” of your clap. Look below for an audio sample of the new Drum Machine, and a video of Legowelt in the studio with Fact Magazine.

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Tour @DWolfers’ studio via @futuremusicmag

Screenshot 2014-04-06 at 12.51.34 PM

One-time #MakeItNew guest Legowelt (aka Danny Wolfers) gives us a tour of his studios in Den Haag, Netherlands. Via Future Music Magazine he shows off more synths than you thought existed.

“This is worth watching for his accent alone,” says Mmmmaven’s own Coralcola. (Here’s a selfie of Coralcola with Eats Everything.)

“Loving the tur-quass colored knobs.”

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