MMMMaven Alumni Mix: DJ Ericcc


We present to you DJ Ericcc!

Erlon Araujo (AKA DJ Ericcc) is a Mmmmaven graduate with published mixes on soundcloud and a good ear for Tech House music. Before Mmmmaven, Erlon, was Djing a few gigs and decided to expand his horizon with our DJ class. Since then, he has performed at some birthday parties, and wishes play more gigs and host more parties.

I learned a lot and also i met some nice people. – DJ Ericcc

Below is his latest set called “Carioca’s Bday Set – 03/07/15” It features cool, new beats and smooth transitions.

To learn how to transition, mix, and/or create you own DJ set, contact Sarah at (617) 849-9321 and learn how Mmmmaven can be the perfect DJ & Audio Production School for you!

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DJ Ericcc’s Soundcloud

Group Humanizer Max download by James Holden

“The British producer has created a free plug-in for Live users to add human timing to their tracks.” –XLR8R


More often than not, the answer lies in the fine art of groove and swing. It’s the errors and inconsistencies that give a beat its vibrancy, and a new patch from James Holden, the Group Humanizer, can shoot that much-needed human feel into your productions.

Ableton has now been blessed with a plug-in that will mimic the human timing element when infusing tracks together. This research, done at Harvard, by scientist Holger Hennig is a genius creation that is now free to download. The timing between MIDI channels and song transition takes on a organic human element with this new plug in. Recently in an Ableton post, they dug deep into the levels of complexity involved in programming a computer to make human errors.

Call Sarah at 617.849.9321 to learn how to use Ableton and experience the difference between computer precision and human error with James’ new plug-in!