Creative Halloween Costumes

It’s that time of year again: Halloween is upon us. And, while many will be dressing up to celebrate, some will take their costumes to the next level. Here are some of our favorite music-themed Halloween costume ideas:

Deadmau5’s Cheese Helmet

Deadmau5 Cheese Helmet

Get it? Cause he’s a mouse!  And mice eat…. ok nevermind.  This fan-made replica of Deadmau5’s famous helmet actually looks really close to the original (pictured below).  Nice work!  (You can also purchase this replica here)

Deadmau5 Cheese Head Perform


kraftwerk halloween

Bonus points for getting the whole squad involved.  A relatively simple, but nonetheless creative costume to feed your craving for 70’s techno.




Combining the unique look of Chromeo with Dire Straits’ video for “Money For Nothing”, these two have created a truly awesome Halloween costume.



Kid Skrillex

They grow up so fast.  Maybe Skrillex was right when he said that soon babies would be making music.


Have fun out there kids! And remember, if you need a last minute reccomendation, you really can’t got wrong with Bloodfeast. With its $1,000 cash prize (!!), the crowd really goes all out!

Kraftwerk: Pop Art- A BBC4 Documentary


Legendary German quartet Kraftwerk have been a going concern in music for over four decades now. In celebration of the group’s storied history, BBC4 recently debuted a one-hour documentary entitled “Pop Art.” The doc takes an inside look at the electronic godfathers’ immense musical progression while featuring plenty of new interviews and archived footage of the foursome as well as some of their krautrock contemporaries. You can read more over at Fact Magazine. You can also watch the hour-long doc below.

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