Mmmmaven Recharge Lounge: KMI Open House + Workshop [5/13]


Every weekday during the Together Festival, you can head over to Mmmmaven studios to relax, listen to music, charge your devices, and participate in awesome workshops.
keith mcmillen instruments

MIDI controllers are essential to many artists’ setups these days. A huge factor in the quality of a MIDI controller is the availability of musical expression. Since MIDI isn’t directly played by hand, achieving a human “feel” to the music is a challenge that Keith McMillen Instruments has worked to meet.

Mmmmaven instructor Wigbert Caro aka Moduloktopus, will show attendees how Keith McMillen Instruments offers modern ways of expression, giving artists even more musical freedom.


This workshop also features a giveaway to audience members!! RSVP and find out more!

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