KiNK on the Desperados SoundStage

We’ve always been big fans of KiNK, he’s played #MakeItNew, Together, and whereever else we can get the Bulgarian machine-man on stage. Way beyond DJ, Strahil Velchev melds into his synth machines much like wetware.

So you can rest assured we’re looking forward to this:

Presenting Desperados SoundStage: An interactive musical experiment celebrating the DIY party culture across the globe. Together with KiNK, we created the ultimate live track. #DesperadosDIY #WattTheFrequency

Bonus video! Here’s Sofia’s finest live at Into the Valley:

Learn the ways of KiNK through our music technology programs. Email me today

Artists Visiting Boston Gain Year-End Acclaim

As we wrap up 2016, we were psyched to see some of our guests rack up the GRAMMYs, even an Oscar or two, but then came the year-end lists, and, suffice it to say, our squad made a lot of waves, starting with The Black Madonna, who was awarded Mixmag’s DJ of the Year.

…if dance music, and society in general, is far from a utopia, to be at the front of a Black Madonna gig is to be transported somewhere far better. Buried among the sweaty, jubilant mass – there’s lots of girls, but guys too – it’s impossible not to feel The Black Madonna loving each and every one of us right back.

When the Resident Advisor polling was complete, we had to get out the whiteboard: 94, 92, 90, 87, 84, 77, 69, 67, 60, 59, 52, 51, 50, 48, 46, 32, 30, 23, 21, 19, 10, 9, 8, 2… 24 out of 100 had come through our neck of the woods.

Previous #CambMA guests also racked up tracks of the year nominations in Avalon Emerson, Floorplan (aka Robert Hood and his daughter Lyric), Project Pablo, and Midland.

Over the years, much of the focus in the new music world has fallen on the “Live” act, and here we’ve also been able to pivot towards giving you that live experience. Of the Top 40, we’re psyched to have had a hand in 10, including #2 (Recondite) and the continually chart-topping #1 KiNK:

Not to be overlooked, Vice’s Thump channel named Beautiful Swimmers–who only played here a few weeks ago–as their “DJs of the year.”

As the B2B becomes an increasingly commodified trope in club culture—utilized broadly to pad out festival lineups with as many names as possible—Beautiful Swimmers also showcase the transformative power collaborative selectors can have when they get it right.



Which of our Together and Make It New guests (and former residents?) will win the awards next year?

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Watch KiNK’s new Resident Advisor Session


Belgian producer and #MakeItNew alum KiNK has recorded a new live session for Resident Advisor, showing off his impressively involved live setup (which includes a QnNeo!):

KiNK’s performances are a middle finger to live dance music’s naysayers. The Bulgarian house artist shows the broad possibilities of the form by playing his assorted setup with the skill of a seasoned musician. Strahil Velchev’s style blends DJ tricks with keyboard and controller manipulation. He also likes to involve the crowd, encouraging dancers in the front row to smash out patterns on his Novation Launchpad. It’s one of the reasons he’s been a permanent fixture in our best live acts poll in recent years. Velchev has a deep well of killer club tracks—”Bitter Sweet,” “Detunator,” “E79,” “Express” etc—but when he stopped by RA’s London HQ he combined “Source Of Uncertainty,” a new track from his forthcoming debut album, with a stretch of improvisation. The resulting Session showed Velchev deep in his element.

Watch the full live session below:

Want to learn how to manipulate such an insane live setup yourself? Start learning with Mmmmaven.

KiNK takes us into the making of “Under Destruction”


Bulgarian producer Strahil Velchev, who records under the moniker KiNK, has a record called Under Destruction out in May. He’s just shared a video that lets the viewer in on a bit of the creative process (via XLR8R):

…the seasoned artist has shared a new video which shows off the various pieces of hardware he used during the live jam sessions which yielded the forthcoming LP. The 10-minute video cuts together clips of Under Destructions‘s tracks as they are recorded live with Velchev tweaking filters, triggering FX, rearranging sequences, and even playing a bit of live piano towards the end. Existing somewhere between an album preview and a “making of” video, this new piece featuring KiNK and his tabletop of hardware can be watched in action below.

Kink played our weekly party #MakeItNew late last year. He was a gentleman and a scholar, and was the first Hungarian to sign our famous map of visitors. Make It New is every single Thursday at the Middlesex Lounge. Visit our event page on Facebook to see what else is coming to town.

Of course you can always be like Kink inside our lab.