Mmmmaven Recharge Lounge: KMI Open House + Workshop [5/13]


Every weekday during the Together Festival, you can head over to Mmmmaven studios to relax, listen to music, charge your devices, and participate in awesome workshops.
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MIDI controllers are essential to many artists’ setups these days. A huge factor in the quality of a MIDI controller is the availability of musical expression. Since MIDI isn’t directly played by hand, achieving a human “feel” to the music is a challenge that Keith McMillen Instruments has worked to meet.

Mmmmaven instructor Wigbert Caro aka Moduloktopus, will show attendees how Keith McMillen Instruments offers modern ways of expression, giving artists even more musical freedom.


This workshop also features a giveaway to audience members!! RSVP and find out more!

Wanna learn more about music production?

Quneo Rogue Indiegogo Campaign


The Quneo is a MIDI controller from Keith McMillen Instruments that we teach in our Music Production classes. They are responsible for other innovative controllers such as the Qunexus as well as the Softstep and of course, the QuNeo. Check out some artists jamming out with the QuNeo below:

The Quneo is a rugged and versatile controller, and can be programmed in many different ways to suit your setup and software. What’s really special to me about the QuNeo is that you can switch modes very quickly turning the QuNeo into a drum pad, giving you instant tactile feedback and adding to the live performance element.

Currently, Keith McMillen is on a fundraising campaign to kickstart the a wireless controller called the Rogue.

Rogue takes your live performance to the next level using a wireless connection to communicate with the QuNeo. Don’t forget to give to the campaign and support this innovative product!

One of our lead Ableton Instructor has a lot of great things to say about the QuNeo and the Rogue:

“The Keith McMillen Instruments fundraising campaign for the QuNeo Rogue is coming to a close. Definitely check out this company’s efforts towards changing the game in affordable Music Creation controllers because it’s always promising and worth looking into. See for yourself and SHARE this to make this amazing invention possible. Big upz #KMI #QuNeo” — Moduloktopus.

Check out what other artists have to say about this Indiegogo project:

There are some great bargains and packages available. Give $350 and you get the rogue and all the gear needed to set it up, give $405 and not only do you get the Rogue but you also get the QuNeo controller! Both of these products together have a street value of $594 so you save almost $200. But act fast, this is an early bird deal and there are only 3 left. There are also options for international shipping for an extra charge, so act now and start using this unique and colorful controller.

Dive deeper into the realm of music production with our Ableton Live classes and get your own QuNeo included!

@Ableton Pop-Up Lab at the @MFABoston


Last week, we were tasked with bringing our new music laboratory out of Central Square to put it in front of the public at the Museum of Fine Arts’ Columbus Day open house. Every holiday Monday, Boston’s world-famous art institution opens its doors for free and allows the public to roam its endless hallways filled with art, art and even more art. It is always crowded.

What we were expecting was teenagers and/or college students gravitating toward our computers, controllers and desktops, all programmed with different psychedelic music in honor of the museum’s “Hippie Chic” exhibit. Curator Jasmine Hagans was forward-thinking enough to invite us.

Our Ableton experts Nick Garcia and Moduloktopus had designed “sets” or suites, featuring famous psychedelic music, from the Beatles to the Velvet Underground. All four of the sets were loaded onto separate computers with three headphones each. Our lead station featured the Ableton Push hardware, provided to us by a member of the Berklee Electronica Club.

What actually happened was remarkable. We had been placed next to a watercolor classroom where many kids were cycling through. And so, as opposed to the older people who we expected to take an interest in the program, we were inundated with child after child, usually with an accompanying adult or parent. These kids, most no older than 12, would sit at a station for long periods of time, fascinated with the QuNeo and its inventive programming. Parents were astonished that their attention was kept for an extended period of time. They didn’t quite understand how it worked or why, they just loved that their kids were so into it. And so were we.

(At the beginning of this video you can hear a little girl exclaim “I’m a DJ!”)

As we continue to unveil classes within the lab, we are surely plotting one for kids and should have more information on that in the months ahead. We do offer private tutoring for your son or daughter right now however.

Inquire within or email to reserve your spot in our music production school. It’s for kids … of all ages.