Make It New w/ Gerd Janson, resident Mike Swells, Cultures of Soul [8/25]

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Gerd Janson never wanted to become one of the world’s most beloved DJs. He was, like many of us, just a huge fan. A music journalist to begin with, he took off once becoming a resident at Robert Johnson in Frankfurt, Germany. Around then, he started a label– Running Back –where he could sign his favorite music.

Boom. The rest is history.

Red Bull Music Academy Radio Bio:
One of our most treasured Academy team members, Gerd Janson is the quintessential DJ’s DJ, unearthing the gems that get other music lovers hot and excited. The man has his plate full. Whether at the helm of the long-running Liquid club night at Frankfurt’s Robert Johnson with DJ comrade Thomas Hammann, dishing out simmering analog House as co-owner of label Running Back, or penning many a story for Germany’s Spex and Groove magazines, not to mention his scholarship of American studies, he seems to run on more powerful batteries than the rest of us.

Janson is joined by resident DJ Mike Swells and a special opening set from Deano Sounds , a/k/a the propritor of Cultures of Soul, Somerville’s great record label. Gerd Janson recently remixed “Flash a Flashlight” for that label.

So, a night of simply amazing music. Bring cash for wax!

Make It New w/ Gerd Janson+ resident Mike Swells+ Deano Sounds (Gerd Janson Remix release party)Thursday August 25th
Middlesex Lounge
315 Massachusetts Ave.
Central Square Cultural District
Cambridge, MA

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Make It New With Prosumer + Resident John Barera Finale [Thu 7/14]

Prosumer Berlin September 2013
Berlin September 2013

As the saying goes: “One does not simply… become the resident DJ at PanoramaBar.”

Prosumer is an unquestionable giant of the modern-day musical landscape. From his days behind the register of the Berlin bedrock of vinyl: Hard Wax, to his early productions for the seminal Playhouse label, Prosumer has put in years of backbreaking work to achieve one of the most well-regarded residencies in the world.

And if you search the internet and listen to his mixes, you’ll come to understand what makes the selector so unique: variety. Disco, techno, jazz/boogie, breakbeat, house, it’s all a part of his immensely researched and well-burrowed collection., not to mention his own vast library of original work.

And you get to hear it all for yourself in person.

This also happens to be the last time John Barera will make his appearance as an official resident DJ. John is on his way to achieving his dreams and we couldn’t be happier to have been a lengthy chapter in his ongoing legacy. We’ll keep an eye on that guy!

Thursday, June 30th
Middlesex Lounge
315 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA

written by Gerd Janson

„The craze about the music…“

…the man called Prosumer is besotted with it. Since Achim Brandenburg heartily grabbed the microphone under this moniker in 2005 for Frankfurt’s then undisputed Label Playhouse, he showed that lasciviousness, a fever for Chicago’s Jack flavor and consciousness of tradition aren’t necessarily bound to a time and a place. Vision, passion and knowledge make Prosumer a guardian of house music history and one of the formative artists, influential DJs and important producers of our days. While deriving his name from Alvin Toffler’s techno sci-fi-bible The Third Wave(producing and consuming at the same time), Prosumer lives up to his name.

Make It New Residents Night [Thu 6/2 Free Before 11pm]


Free before 11pm.

Your favorites. Playing favorites. Favorites playing.


Like for likes.

John Barera:

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#MakeItNew with your Resident DJs [Thu 6/2]
614 Massachusetts Ave.
Central Square Cultural District
Free before 11pm / $5 after

Next Gen Exclusive Mix By John Barera & Will Martin

john barera will martin

Mmmmaven artist, John Barera, and DJ Will Martin just released a huge new Next Gen Mix for Thelonious Funk. Tonight the duo play Berlin’s legendary Tresor club.

For the mix, the Boston-based duo fused some old-school classics with other more contemporary hits from deep crates, featuring tracks from the likes of GE-OLOGY & Mark De Clive-Lowe, Steve Poindexter, Pablo Mateo, and more.

Listen to their awesome new mix, and keep an eye out for John Barera at our upcoming #MakeItNew Thursdays nights at Middlesex Lounge.

See the full tracklist for their Next Gen Exclusive Mix below:

1. 214 “Dew Drops” (Shipwrec)
2. Broken English Club “Channel 83″ (Cititrax)
3. La-4a “Invader” (Delft)
4. Aroy Dee “Kiss” (NQWQ)
5. Flying Men “Only Love” [Flying On The Dancefloor Dub Mix] (Catune)
6. Last Dance “Trackland Acid Track Squad” (Circle Tracks)
7. Keynotes “Let’s Let’s Let’s Dance” (Incognito Records)
8. Steve Poindexter “Work That Nutha Fucker” (Muzique Records)
9. GE-OLOGY Feat. Mark De Clive-Lowe “Moon Circuitry” (Sound Signature)
10. The Normalmen “Opus 46″ (White Jail Recordings)
11. The Maghreban “Dynamite!” (Zoot)
12. Leandro Gamez “Qssett” (SUB TL)
13. Moebius, Plank, Neumeier “Speed Display” [Richard Fearless Remix] (Bureau B)
14. Duplex “First Day JX3P0″ (Dolly)
15. Palms Trax “Equation” (Lobster Theremin)
16. Pablo Mateo “C2 Untitled” (LACKREC)
17. Fatima Yamaha “Sazak Bay” (Magnetron Music)
18. Davis Galvin “Dew” (Firm Records)

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