Sets From Together 2014 Now Streaming On @RBMA

together festival

Together 2014 has come and gone, but you can still relive your favorite moments because Red Bull Music Academy is now streaming select sets from the festival. In addition to sets from previous years headliners, you can now hear Robert Hood, Curses!, and Jerome LOL live from Boston.

Robert Hood delivers a classic minimal techno set that sounds like it emanates from the very heart of Detroit. If you haven’t heard his name before, he is no newcomer to the scene, instead he has been shaping the literal underground of techno since the early nineties. More on Robert Hood from Michael C Walsh here.

In dance culture, the city of Detroit is mythologized to no end and rightfully so. It’s birthed impactful founders, rightful torchbearers, and a recent class of upstarts worthy of upholding the burdensome tradition. But few have managed it with such impeccable longevity and class as Hood.

Curses! is the darker alter ego of Drop The Lime, playing and producing what he refers to as ‘Gotham House,’ a dark, ghoulish take on modern 4×4 club music:

“I am forever drawn to the mystery of black. Darkness. Night. Curses brings that sexiness, incorporating the New York/Gotham-inspired touch to house and techno. Gritty baselines, but slow and deep rhythms.”

As always, Jerome LOL delivers an eclectic mix of R&B influenced beats and futuristic house for his huge set at Together 5.

For more LOL, head to XLR8R:

“There’s absolutely a method to his madness, as the mix reveals a real talent for identifying and blending sounds, irrespective of whatever cultural baggage their source material may carry.”

Even if you didn’t get to see these excellent sets in person, have a listen and get excited for next year’s festivities by following the festival on Twitter, where they promote shows all year long.

Want to DJ like the above? (You knew it was coming, right?) Hop over to the courses section and immerse yourself in a weekend course! One month and you’re done.

Ableton Spaces: Ableton Push with Jerome LOL [5/17]

1487376_645461535536548_1722171846115145060_nDuring day two of the Ableton Spaces workshops at Together 5, prolific producer Jerome LOL stopped by our District Hall headquarters to discuss and demonstrate the Ableton Push with some assistance from Ableton instructor Loudon Stearns.

The Push is a new breed of controller from Ableton that allows for a visual creative process based on patterns and shapes, which Stearns cited as creating a more familiar environment for a bass player such as himself. The Push operates on a unique principal of built-in scales, creating something of an even playing field for musicians – “more democratic.”

“When you show someone a guitar or piano, it is so much more difficult to pick up. While the push requires practice, it engages the imagination more and frees the mind from worrying about whether a note is out of key or not.” – Jerome LOL


Stearns is a Berklee professor and self-professed “harmony geek.” He appreciates the Push for different reasons that Jerome, viewing it as a valuable teaching tool that offers immediate gratification while still teaching the user about traditional harmony.

The Push, Stearns explained, is a flexible tool which changes what its knobs, buttons and faders do based on the context in which a musician uses it. It’s also a highly sensitive piece of equipment that can be used even for performances and compositions that require extreme dexterity and speed, recreating everything from tablas to speed-metal guitar riffs.


Jerome asserted that both Push and Ableton Live are amazing platforms for open experimentation, even in realms beyond what its creators envisioned. Among the features and plugins he cited as favorites were the Fade to Grey ping-pong delay with high-pass filter, the looper, the chain selector and the unique instrument racks.

Stearns stated that he believes DJs using tools like Push and Ableton often make better music than a traditionally trained and educated musician like himself. Traditional music, he said, tends to focus on the communication between the artists on stage. DJs, on the other hand, are much more in tune with communicating with the audience.

“With the Push you’re producing a beat on the fly as fast as you can in front of the audience and sometimes it sucks. But that is a part of the excitement of the Push.”

Body High drops free end of year compilation

It has been a massive year for the Los Angles based label Body High with release from the likes of Todd Edwards, buy cialis DJ Sliink, for sale and DJ Funeral. To celebrate the closing of the year the collective has dropped a free release with a collection of tracks highlighting Body Highs unique and forward thinking take on bass music. The track-list includes new original tunes from the likes of MMMMaven favorite Jerome LOL (check out his mix at Make it New here), Myrryrs, Pipes, Floyd Campbell, label head Samo Sound Boy and remixes by The Rhythm Method, Delivery, and Jim-E Stack.  Body High, with its high energy and progressive mentality, will be one to watch in the forthcoming year.

Grab the full release here:

1. Myrryrs – Vapors
2. DJ Sliink – Put Cha Back In It (The Rhythm Method Mix)
3. Samo Sound Boy & Floyd Campbell – 12 Min
4. Jerome LOL – House Track 4 Sam
5. DJ Sliink – Emergency (Delivery Remix)
6. Kirko Bangz – Drank In My Cup (Jim-E Stack Remix)
7. Pipes – No Tea