3 Reasons to #MakeItNew with Jackmaster


We’ve said it before, but we might as well say it again. Jack is back in town and he’s “just a DJ.”

But oh what a DJ. Here are three reasons to bring a sawbuck to Middlesex Lounge before 11pm to catch one of the greatest DJs in the world today.

1. He’s got his protege in tow

For this US excursion, Jack is packing a secret weapon. His young Glaswegian padwan Jasper James (waving the powerful Optimo Trax crest) has already been featured on the world-famous Essential Mix. James is the son of one of the owners of the world-famous Sub Club and was taught to DJ when he was 13 years old.

If there’s one thing that’s more exciting than Jackmaster, it’s a younger, hungrier Jackmaster.

2. Satisfaction Guaranteed

The last time Jack came to town, people left … exhausted. “I just apparently left my brain elsewhere,” “What a f*ckin’ party last nite! Thanks dudes!” “SERIOUSLY” “Jackmaster is the business!” was just a few of the replies. Someone even left a video as feedback:

There “Ain’t No Other Man” quite like Jack.

3. The Ceaseless, Unrelenting Groove

When Jack was asked to do the BBC’s world-famous Essential Mix show, he was obviously flattered to the end. As a kid growing up in Glasgow, being handed the Essential Mix is one of the highest honors a UK kid could have. The 20+ year-old show has a list of presenters unlike any other in modern dance music history. So what did Jack do with his time in the honorable spotlight?

He put the hammer down and never let go:

From world-class parties like A Club Called Rhonda to Output in Brooklyn and Lights Down Low in San Francisco (and ending on NYE at Fabric London), he’s coming to rock the Middlesex Lounge tonight.

And there’s no missing it.

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Jackmaster at Make It New Nov. 20th


Jackmaster (aka Jack Revill) is playing Make It New Thursday November 20th. Those who have seen him perform often remark about Revill’s ability to play anything while keeping the dancefloor popping—the man is just as comfortable dropping Prince as he is delving into a session of old-school Detroit techno, and that diversity lies at the heart of his appeal. On some level, almost all artists are storytellers, but Jackmaster’s ability to spin a compelling tale using nothing but music created by other people is what makes him exceptional. Even as his profile has risen dramatically in recent years, he hasn’t dipped his toes into the production realm; Revill’s focus is entirely on DJing.

Come get down with  Jackmaster as well as a b2b set from Mmmmaven’s own John Barera and Coralcola. Check the Facebook page and see you there!

The Canadian Jackmaster: Seb Diamond


Seb Diamond will open for Pearson Sound and Jacques Green this year at Together’s secret location show on 5/16. Sub|division, a crew of DJs, producers, dancers & enthusiasts based in Victoria, BC, had nothing but good things to say about Diamond.

Seb has been instrumental in nurturing the amazing environment that has allowed such a diverse and developed scene to spring forth from Quebec’s cultural nerve centre.

Seb Diamond has grown a lot in the last couple years. He started working with Montreal based management company Sofa King Raw earlier this year and became the Canadian rep for Boiler Room. On top of that he has grown as a DJ.

If anything I’ve just gotten a bit more mature in my taste and can contain diverse genres inside focused sets as opposed to the “anything and everything” approach I used to have.

Diamond takes a lot of inspiration from DJs like Jackmaster (also playing at Together), Jacques Greene, and Floating Points. He likes the variety in their sets, mixing the classics and current hits with their own touches.

I really admire DJs that are expressing their personal style and not the (2013 Megamix) of new fabricated genres and fetishized past.

His mix for Sub|division covers his more recent inspirations, which he said have come a lot from American house like Joey Beltram, Spencer Parker and DJ Sneak. He says it’s “a good indicator of what I’d want to be playing in a grimy NY loft.”

You can download his mix here! Or listen to it below:

Read the full interview over at Sub|division’s website.

Want to learn more about DJing?

3 Reasons Not to Miss #MakeItNew with Optimo


1. Scotland brings the heat

Scotland is currently home to the increasingly prominent Numbers label, headed by Jackmaster and responsible for bringing artists like Sophie to the masses, and Jackmaster’s recent #MakeItNew appearance was one for the ages. Optimo is the team of JD Twitch and JG Wilkes, resident DJs at their eponymous Glasgow club night from 1997-2010 and legends of the Scottish scene. Tonight, they’ll keep the homeland legacy alive.

2. It’s been a while

Optimo don’t make too many trips across the pond to play for U.S. audiences, and it’s been quite some time since their last Boston appearance. Don’t miss a chance to catch them tonight, because who knows when they’ll be back.

3. They’re putting on a 3-hour set

You read right: a special, extended 3-hour set, starting at 11pm sharp. The duo is famous for its diverse selections, and 3 hours opens the door to any number of unexpected twists and turns. Be there for the ride.

With John Barera and Alan Manzi
Thursday – 5.8.14
Middlesex Lounge
315 Mass Ave.
Cambridge, MA
9pm-2am/21+/$10 before 11pm/$15 after