iOS and Mac Connection, Complete!

First, click on this demo video that Peter Krin from obtained from a little “nagging” to the developers. (Persistence goes a long way Peter!).

Until now, the cable connecting your iPad or iPhone to your Mac was unsurpassed by apps. Download Midimux and Audiomux in order to experience this revolutionary connection.

Now you can now connect a keyboard controller to your Mac and use it on your iPad to create a synth. At the same time, you can use an iPad step sequencer to sequence on instrument onto your Mac. This completely eliminates the variable of inconsistency from unreliable wifi networks.

The video above demonstrates the interesting collaboration between iPad and Mac when a MIDI controller is added.


Using Audiomux, you can transfer anything your working on from your iPad to Mac and vice versa. If you have more apple equipment (i.e. an iPhone, iPad, and Mac) you can create your own mini Apple studio with the use of these two apps.

To see Peter Kirn’s full article on the advantages of these two apps click here!

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FactMag’s Top 10 Music Making Apps for iOS

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The newest software to add to your arsenal of musical creativity: iOS.

The iPhone and iPad are well known for being extremely user friendly, but when it comes to using them as instruments, they can be extremely daunting and complex. Luckily, FactMag has complied a handful of apps that make producing music on these devices easy and fun.

1. Garageband ($4.99)

It’s certainly not high tech or flashy software, but it was never supposed to be. Garageband keeps things simple and is a great tool for learning the basics of production.

“For those wanting to make use of those apps that have been collecting on your iPhone, there’s nothing better.”

2. Beatwave (Free)

The interface of Beatwave is a 16X18 grid of squares, each of which activate musical notes. While the software might not seem too deep on the surface, it has the potential to be a very useful tool once it is mastered.

3. Casio Chordana Composer ($4.99)

This app is perfect for the person with zero production experience. All you have to do is sing or hum a melody into the microphone, and the app will turn it into a full track. While controversial to say the least, this app is certainly a lot of fun if and requires very little work to make a decent sounding final product.

“The idea of an app that takes all the skill out of creating a track might seem beyond the pale to some, but if you’ve got no issues with letting an algorithm take all the fun out of things then Casio’s Chordana Composer is for you.”

4. Keezy (Free)

Keezy is essentially an 8-track MPC sampler. It’s extremely user friendly and comes with 15 pre-recorded soundboards already installed. However, the most exciting feature of this app is the ability to record you own soundboards using the mic on your iPhone or iPad.

5. Korg iKaossilator ($14.99)

When Korg first released the original Kaossilator, it was one of the first touch screen synths on the market. However, it quickly became irrelevant with the creation of the iPad, which could create a lot more sounds for the same price. Being the innovators that they are, Korg just modified the Kaossilator by changing it from a full blown machine into an app. While the preset synths are far from sophisticated, this app still provides hours of button mashing musical fun.

“Some of the presets are pretty cheesy, but there’s something pretty satisfying about being able to play a brostep bassline with all the wobble you could possibly desire.”

6. Moog Filtration ($6.99)

Like all of Moog’s devices, the secret of its success lies in the ladder filter. This app is a bit tricky for beginners, but if you’ve ever wanted to put your own recorded sounds through an LFO filter using an on board oscillator, this is the app you’ve been looking for.

Click on through to Fact Magazine to find out the final four in this comprehensive list.

The world of music is progressing faster than ever, and with apps like these, its never been cheaper or easier to create original content. To truly master the art of production, sign up for one of our March and April courses!

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Apple Features InMusic’s iMPC Software In Grammy Commercial

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Like it or not, technology has always been a part of music, and Apple is embracing this concept to the fullest with their new short film/advertisement, which made a huge splash in the middle of the GRAMMYs broadcast.

Their instrument of choice: The iPad.

The iPad is gaining legitimacy in all areas of music technology as a device for recording, producing, and even DJing.

With musicians as their newest target audience, Apple has recruited the help of rapper Elliphant, producer Riton, and DJ The Gaslamp Killer to promote the iPad as the latest weapon in an arsenal of musical innovation.

PS: Gaslamp Killer was a special guest at Together Boston last year, where DigBoston featured a conversation with the LA-based community builder and DJ.


One of the highlighted pieces of software available in Apple’s new film is iMPC app from InMusic, which is essentially a complete drum machine designed to replicate Akai’s MPC series. Here at Mmmmaven, we’re huge fans of Akai, and even use their line of APC’s in our production classes. It’s exciting to see them featured in such an historic piece.

Also look closely and you’ll see Serato, the program we teach to mix music as a DJ.

With the support of technology powerhouses like Apple, it’s safe to say that so-called “electronic music” is here to stay.


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Tuna Knobs: Turning Your Touch Screen into a Controller

Some of the best ideas are the simplest. With the exploding popularity of iPads and tablets in the electronic music making world, Samuel Verburg missed the authentic feel of turning knobs on hardware controllers. Touch screens weren’t giving him the precision he required and he still wanted the ability to make music on the move. That’s when the idea of Tuna Knobs came to fruition.

Tuna Knobs

Tuna Knobs use a tiny suction cup to attach to virtually any touch screen device. They work similarly to a stylus by translating turning movements to the device. This allows users to precisely control parameters on music production apps on tablets and touch screen phones. And they’re tiny so you can take them with you anywhere you go!

Tuna Knobs are designed to give you the tactile precision you need when making music, while giving you the versatility of mobile applications.

Tweetonig (Dutch for Two tone), a product development firm in the Netherlands, will produce Tuna Knobs. Due to their wildly successful KickStarter campaign, which yielded well over two times the original goal, Tuna Knobs will begin shipping out toward the end of October. Read all about the birth of this handy product here!

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