Video Games Are Influencing A Generation of Music Innovators

A lot of my drums are just people picking up new ammo and weapons in games. — Burial

Mixmag goes underground with our friends Ikonika, Tokimonsta, and–well, maybe someday–Burial in a grand expose on video game music’s influence on the latest sounds.

Rustie is another artist who flipped perceptions of dance music on their head and ushered in a new generation of producers with his 2011 record ‘Glass Swords’ arriving stylistically similar to, and packed full of hyperactive noises from games such as Zelda.

Of course, Mmmmaven’s five-year mission is to support the unification of music and technology, and articles like this make every sense in the world.

Just take this quote from Make It New alum Ikonika: “My life feels more like a game than a movie. Music is the biggest game I’m playing.”

Much, much, MUCH more at Mixmag.

#MakeItNew February-March

Get excited for our #MakeItNew parties coming up. We’ve got some heavy hitters rolling through the Middlesex Lounge.

  • Feb 12: Doctor Jeep w/ special guest Bordello


  • Feb 19: San Proper

  • Feb 26: Free Residents Night with John Barera and Baltimoroder all night long.

  • March 5: George Fitzgerald and Leon Vynehall


George Fitzgerald, Leon Vynehall – The Residency 2015 Week 3 Part 1 – 22-Jan-2015 by Edm/Trance Liv3 Sounds on Mixcloud


  • March 12: Frank and Tony




  • March 19: Ellen Allien



  • March 26: Ikonika + Avalon Emerson


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SeratoCast – Mix 3


Serato, creators of the software we use in our DJ courses, hand picks mixes of their favorite artists for our enjoyment, called SeratoCast. Recently, they released a mix featuring Ikonika, a respected UK DJ known for her melodies and production skills.

The mix has reached #4 on the Mixcloud Bass chart and #22 on their Techno chart. Listen to it and you’ll quickly understand why:

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3 Reasons Not to Miss #MakeItNew with Ikonika


1. It’s Women’s History Month

March is indeed “Women’s History Month” in the US, so it’s only fitting that this month’s first #MakeItNew headliner is Sara Abdel-Hamid, aka Ikonika: “one of the outstanding producers of her generation.”

2. She’s no predictable dubstep DJ

Ikonika’s roots in dubstep, not to mention her association with UK giant Hyperdub, often leave her pigeonholed to a genre that’s now only a small part of her increasingly unpredictable and multifaceted repertoire. As she told Dig Boston:

I haven’t really played any dubstep for really about three or four years. Sometimes I might sneak in one or two tunes but I’ve definitely moved away from that genre since 2010. I’ve discovered that people in general like to label things and like to have things completely categorized to make them feel comfortable with whatever they’re listening to…Whatever I do as a producer will always be evolving or changing and that’s part of my challenge.

3. A background in rock frames her unique take on electronic music

Abdel-Hamid’s work as Ikonika has become increasingly genre and label-defying since her 2008 Hyperdub debut. As she also explained to Dig Boston, Her background as a drummer in punk bands informed her sound as a producer:

I wanted to have really mad structures and really odd sounds, and that only could have come from me being in a band and being that type of drummer that didn’t want to play the same beat for five minutes. I really hate repetitiveness.

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