Mmmmaven Graduation Parties Put The Emphasis on PARTY


As 2015 winds down, so too does Mmmmaven’s last DJ class of the year. The new year has become synonymous with partying and Mmmmaven definitely knows how to throw a good one, so it’s only logical that we celebrate our eight new grads and welcome 2016 with our best In The Mmmmix night yet.

If you’re looking for something fun to do tonight, don’t hesitate to swing by Good Life Boston as these newly minted alumni throw down their best sets and show off everything they’ve learned over the past two months. And in true Mmmmaven fashion, you can expect eight unique sets over the course of the night, all on turntables.


With Mmmmaven grads playing all over the city these days, from Middlesex to Zuzu’s, Monday’s graduation party is your chance to get ahead of the curve with the local music scene. Come on out and see these new DJs before anyone else has.

Excited to be on the cutting edge of Boston’s perpetually growing music scene? Wish you could be the one behind the decks at Good Life this Monday?

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Or are you looking for a New Year’s resolution that you’ll actually be excited to follow through with? Swing by Mmmmaven in Cambridge to take a tour of the school, get a complimentary DJ lesson, and learn about our upcoming classes in 2016.

It’s Good to be a Grad!

Geeeet ready, Mmmmavens! Because here comes another round of graduates! If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what our grad parties are all about, then COME because these nights never disappoint.


This group has spent 2 months missing after-work drinks and waking up early on weekends to come here and learn the tricks of the trade.  They’ve spent 50+ hours putting their blood, sweat, and tears (figuratively) into these mixes and they’re ready for an audience!

We’ll be at Good Life Boston on Monday 5/4 from 7 – 11p.m. so get ready to drink, dance, and enjoy! Here’s the lineup:

7 – 7:30: Kenneth
7:30 – 8: Kristen
8 – 9: Darius x Sleepy Coke
9 – 9:30: Joey
9:30 – 10: Freddie
10 – 10:30: Brendan

For all the info check out the Facebook event!


Incase you haven’t noticed, we’ve been turning out awesome DJs and producers like Starbucks turns out coffee. If you want to get in on this, NOW IS THE TIME!! We’ve got some classes starting soon including brand new summer schedules! To sign up and join the ranks of Boston’s finest DJs and producers, contact Sarah!


In The MMMMix [4/6]

It’s happening again! New DJ class, new set of graduates, new awesome mixes to share!



You know the drill: Good Life Boston, 7p.m., drinks, great music, great time. These guys have put in at least 50 hours of hard work to bring you music they’re proud of, so on April 6th come hang out with us and enjoy the beats!

Set Times: 

7-730: Bence
730-8: Ariel
8-830: Juan
830-9: Mark
9-930: Brian
930-10: Joey
10-1030: Zack
1030-11: Dan

Prepare yourself for 4 hours of unique mixes and fantastic music. For all the details, check out the Facebook event. See you there!


P.s. music making isn’t just for adults! Enroll your kids in our Summer Beat Academy NOW and get 10% off!! Shoot Sarah an email with questions or more for information.


Mmmmaven Project Graduation Party 1/26 #FREE

It’s time to send another class of DJs out into the scene!


Monday, January 26th, Mmmmaven will graduate yet another class of artists to join ranks with Boston’s finest DJs. For two months, these students have been giving it all they’ve got . They’ve learned the tricks of the mix, now all they need is an audience.

We welcome 14 new DJs into the community with a special party at Good Life Boston. Come show your support and they’ll show you a good time.

Here’s a list of the set times:

700 – 725: Winnie
725 – 750: Henry
750 – 815: Jacob
815 – 840: Yidi
840 – 905: Gabriel
905 – 930: Daphney
930 – 955: Vladimir
955 – 1020: Gilberto
1020 – 1045: Frankie
1045 – 1105: James
1105 – 1130: Jackie

Let the music commence.

Don’t forget to join the event Facebook Page!

Want to be like them? Click here for more info on our courses!