Must Be – Jordan Bratton Prod. By Durkin


He’s back… As with his recent hit from Banana Seat (currently at 175k plays and counting) the NYC/Boston axis has teamed up again for the aptly tagged electronic soul track “Must Be.”

The NYC native Jordan Bratton teamed up with Mmmmaven’s own Durkin for a fresh summer tune. Durkin provides a laid back beat filled with cut time hits and subtle industrial sounds to make the track punch in just the right spots without coming off too heavy. Jordan’s effected vocals give the track a slurred, hypnotizing feel that makes fly by before you have enough of his pure voice. Have a listen and before you know it, you’ll be hitting replay to get more of the deadly combo who may very well be appearing in Boston sometime soon, keep a lookout.

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For faster service, visit Zuzu this Friday when Durkin takes the reigns at Central Air:

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On the D/L 04

A ton of free goodies popped up on the mighty Soundcloud this week, and I’ve hand picked five to help you start, end and glide right through your Thursday. To start off your day, Royal from Crack Beetz has given away another free refix, this time tapping Coldplay for a chilled out future bass tune. Its starts out with a bare piano intro before dropping into a bassy wave of Coldplay goodness.

After you’ve woken up a bit, The new Shlohmo-produced Jeremih EP just dropped. I haven’t listened to more than a few seconds of every song and I already know it’s going to be huge. With Shlohmo’s perfectly huge beats and Chance the Rapper a feature, Jeremih can do no wrong. Get this on your computer ASAP so it can become the soundtrack to your day.

Now it’s time for some club music to keep you bouncing, and a few Moving Castle producers are responsible for the first. Vices and Jailo take on Ty$ with “Know Y I Came.” They get into the dirtier side of jersey club with this tune, but they still keep their glittery synths in the mix

Happy Colors and G- Buck aren’t the names you’d expect to see on a club track, but they absolutely killed Jessie Slayter’s “Thick”. You can tell they also brought their own stylistic backgrounds into play, the track is dripping with tropical grooves and trappy sub bass.

It’s impossible to go wrong remixing Tinashe, and Boeboe is no exception to the rule with his remix of 2 On. He takes his own brand of house and twists it with Tinashe’s beautiful vocals to celebrate 10k followers, and the best part is he’s giving it away for free.

And to turn down for the night, Sh?m gives us his rendition of †††’s Bitches Brew. It exudes almost a retro feel, reminiscent of the classic Penguins tune, “Earth Angel.” But Sh?m assures you this isn’t a pop song with the experimental breakdown and flooding synths that wash over the track.


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On The D/L 03

Music downloadWelcome back all; it’s been another slow, hot summer week, but Soundcloud has been filled with new tunes all week long. I’ve rounded up a few of the best free tracks to help you get through the long summer days, and I’ll start with a new compilation that will give you plenty of new material to put on repeat: Moving Castle Vol. 02. Their first compilation was impressive, but the replay quality of this comp is astounding. You can listen straight through without blinking, and then want to hear it all again. My personal favorites are the tunes by Strehlow and Dugong Jr, but it’s hard to go wrong with Moving Castle.

This next song takes the nostalgic vibes of Lupe’s original “Kick Push” and amplifies them to the max. Hisanova gives it a glimmering funk rework to create a summer sidewalk sitting, boombox blasting feel.

Rusko’s back, and he’s apparently making neon now. Nevertheless, the song is quality and a refreshing sound for the legendary English producer.

Chloe Martini never disappoints on a remix, and she isn’t shy to step a bit outside the box on her remix of Sia’s “Chandeliers.” Packed with jazzy chords and cut time hits, the roller coaster of a song is not one to sleep on.

I saved this track for last because you’re gonna wanna replay it a couple times before doing anything else today. Also on Moving Castle, AOBeats teams up with Jaiwolf for an epic future bass remix of “Best Friend” by Foster the People. Although Wave Racer already murdered the track with his own remix, the duo are able to add to the feel of the song rather than change it completely.

On The D/L 02

This week brings an eclectic mix of music that has been thrown out onto the Internet as of late. First up we’ve got a classic, choppy jersey club remix from Defalco. He reworks “Rock With You,” the classic Michael Jackson track in a upbeat manner, utilizing lots of half time and plenty of coarse vocal chops.

Defalco on Twitter

AO River is a young producer from Burlington, VT who recently released a new EP filled with instrumentals. They’re dark, lush and brooding, and they stray away from many of the modern conventions of rap music. My favorite has got to be the bonus track, Mustard, but give the EP a listen from start to finish to really get a feel for his style.

 AO River on Twitter

As always, Ca$h Bandicoot’s not one to disappoint with his new original single,  4 My Dawgs. It starts out with a wonky, whistle filled rhythm but quickly drops into a house tinged club beat.

Ca$h Bandicoot on Twitter

To celebrate his signing to Fools Gold, DJ Hoodboi has released a fresh Destiny’s Child remix of “Bug-A-Boo.” While you may know Hoodboi for his jersey club remixes, this edit takes more of a half time future bass feel.

DJ Hoodboi on Twitter

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