Preparing for Your First DJ Gig [2/26 #FREE]

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So you’ve made your tracklist and checked it twice, and now it’s time for your first professional gig. Mmmmaven’s own Fens guides us through your first gig preparation check list and gives tales from the road of what to expect when you’re stepping up for your first performance.

Library management, professional etiquette, and other tips to help ensure that your first gig won’t be your last. Be sure to swing by for this free workshop and strengthen your DJ career beyond the booth.

Fens is a resident DJ at Shake!, a monthly party held at Goodlife. He is also the co-founder of the now defunct Banana Peel Records, formerly of JASS, and MMMMaven. He DJs, and has also been fortunate to have played at venues such as Middlesex Lounge, House of Blues, Le Poisson Rouge, Goodlife, Enormous Room, Middle East Downstairs, Fenway Park, RISE, among others, as well as having shared the booth with DJs like Machinedrum, Objekt, Pangaea, L-VIS 1990, SBTRKT, Christian Martin, DJ Assault, Tevo Howard, Incyde, Tittsworth, Battles, Ghostland Observatory, and many more.

Free Friday WorkshopPreparing for Your First Gig
Friday February 26th
614 Massachusetts Ave. #203

Workshop 4/17: Reading The Room

You’ve got solid gear, all your skills and techniques on lock, and you’ve practiced your set until it’s absolutely dialed. The crowd just doesn’t seem to be moving though. What else can you do to keep the dance floor live?

Mmmmaven’s here to help you kick that pre-planned set to the curb and teach how to read the room with this week’s FREE workshop.


On Friday 4/17, join us as Mmmmaven’s own Fens goes over the basics of crowd control. We’ll be covering everything from preparing your music to adapting on the fly, all through Fens’ personal anecdotes. A Boston resident and music kid at heart, he’s been appearing at popular clubs, concert venues, and parties for about four years, and currently helps produce the newly popular Shake! monthly party at Goodlife.


Reading the room is about a lot more than playing songs the crowd likes. It’s about picking up on subtleties in the crowd that the average person wouldn’t even notice and responding to them with your music to create an unseen energy. Learn to do this, and you’ll be able to keep the club moving for hours without any gimmicks or cheap tricks.

Good DJs give them what they want, great DJs give them what they need.

Full event info is available here

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Interested in covering more elements of DJing or want to up your sets by producing your own tunes? We’re enrolling now for May classes!

Reading the Room: a Lesson in Crowd Literacy (4/17)

So, you’ve taken the classes, you bought the equipment, you know your way around the Serato box, you’re ready to be a give a great performance, right?

Wrong. You’ve only fought part of the the battle. The other part of performance is knowing how to read the room. You don’t want to be “that guy” who plays Kygo when the room is ready to turn up, and Skrillex when everyone just wants to chill. It’s important for a DJ to understand his/her audience, and this Friday, Fens can teach you how.


Fens is a Boston resident and Connecticut native who’s been appearing at popular clubs, concert venues, and parties for about four years now. His experience with instrumental music shines through in the musicality of his tracks and the obvious thought he puts into the way everything goes into his music.

[…] his forward thinking bass music and cutting edge techno and house sounds are a perfect companion to head-bobbing and dancing like nobody’s watching.

Fens is the co-founder of Banana Peel Records. He has performed in venues throughout Boston and New York such as Middlesex Lounge, Goodlife, House of Blues, Le Poisson Rouge, and Brighton Music Hall, and has opened for artists like Objekt, Pangea, L-Vis 1990, Christian Martin, Machinedrum, SBTRKT and many more. You can even catch him on Wednesday nights from 7-9p.m. on WZBC 90.3FM.

Get a taste of his music with his first installment of CSC’s new mix series:

This Friday, April 17, at 7pm Fens will be teaching a free workshop at Mmmmaven on Reading the Room: a Lesson in Crowd Literacy. For all you performers out there, you really won’t want to miss it! Reserve your place on eventbrite.

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