The 10 Best iPhone Apps for Music Production

There is a new tool dominating the music production sphere: the iPhone. Wireless, portable and conveniently handheld, Apple has created the perfect tool for impromptu music production. The iPhone’s App Store is stocked with a variety of apps for constructing tracks, but it can be impossible to tell which are the best of the best.

FACT magazine’s music and technology connoisseur Scott Wilson searched near and far for the fastest and easiest iPhone apps for on-the-go music creation. His findings are noteworthy.

  1. Playground (FREE)

    “If you want to write a track but the idea of writing a drum loop and arranging it with synths and samples is too perplexing, PlayGround for iOS cuts out all the complication,” says Wilson. Playground’s unique layout has users tracing lines and cutting shapes to generate music, making it easy for anyone to maneuver.

  2. Auxy (FREE)

    Through a method of tapping grids, scrolling and lighting up squares, this app allows for the creation of tracks through the activation of chords and melodies. “Auxy lacks a lot of the more complex features or GarageBand, but the ability to automate filter, reverb and other effects puts it ahead of many of its iOS rivals,” says Wilson.   

  3. Ninja Jamm (FREE)

    Ninja Jamm allows users to remix purchased tracks from artists and put their personal spin on it. “We don’t all have the turntable skills of Coldcut, but the app’s loopers and effects make it easy to at least pretend like you do,” says Wilson.

  4. Keezy (FREE)

    Described as a straightforward, simple version of an MPC samplerKeezy comes with 15 pre-installed soundboards and the ability to record your own sounds. Wilson says Keezy’s functionality is  “pretty limited – there’s no way to export songs – but it’s as simple as it gets if you want to experiment with triggering samples before graduation to an MPC.”

  5. Figure ($0.99) 

    Wilson praises the simplicity and efficiency of Figure, a product from Sweden’s Propellerhead. He says, “It makes making a beat or as simple as tapping the screen or swiping your finger, and while the sound crafting options are fairly limited, anyone can make techno in three minutes with this app.” The app assists with learning the foundations of the synths and sounds of electronic music. 

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