Loop 2016: Day 1


The Loop 2016 series of blog posts chronicles Mmmmaven’s Ableton intern and former student, Katharine Fountain, on her journey to Berlin to attend Ableton’s Loop Summit. Loop is three days of discussions, performances, presentations, studios sessions and interactive workshops aimed at exchanging ideas at the cutting edge of music, creativity, and technology. Click here to learn more about Loop, or connect with Katharine via Instagram or on Soundcloud .

Breakbeat Deconstruction: From Hip Hop to Drum & Bass and Beyond

The first presentation that I attended explored the sonic impact of breakbeats and sampling in music production, and was delivered by Dr. Jason Hockman. In addition to being an electronic music producer and co-founder of Drum & Bass label Detuned Transmissions, Dr. Hockman also holds a PhD in Music Research from McGill University, and a Master’s in Music Technology from NYU. He is currently a lecturer in audio engineering and conducts research in music informatics at Birmingham City University.

It was interesting to see how both limitations and advancements in music technology contributed to the way in which breakbeats have been interpreted and sampled over the years.

He illustrated this by sharing numerous examples of how famous breaks such as the Amen were used across a variety of tracks and genres spanning decades. One of my favorite tracks used in his lecture was Tango’s 1996 release “understanding”, which features pitch shifted hi-hats over a heavy rolling bass line.

Synth Build with Bastl Instruments

Every participant at Loop was given the opportunity to sign up for one “Workshop”. There were so many cool things going on that it was almost impossible to choose; however, I was drawn to the modular synth building workshop hosted by Bastl Instruments. Based in Brno, Czech Republic, Bastl is a dynamic and community driven company focused on producing hand-made electronic musical instruments. Many of their instruments are available through their boutique the Noise Kitchen as DIY kits that you can build yourself (fully formed versions can be purchased too!). They also have a cassette label called Bukkotapes. With so many cool projects going on, I was really curious to learn more about this company.


Full disclosure: I had no previous experience with soldering or even with modular synths, but I figured that if there ever was a time learn – this was it!

We were each given a bag containing the parts that would eventually become our mini modular synths. The model that we would be constructing during the workshop was called the Kastle.


The board – a piece had to be soldered into each and every one of those holes! It took me a couple of tries to get the hang of it, but after a while it became easier.


Huddled around a small table in the drafty but charming Kultursaal, 2 Canadians, an Italian, an American, and a Brit got to work soldering.

Almost ready for the final touches!

4 hours later…my very own DIY Kastle Mini Modular! It ended up taking most of us quite a bit longer than anticipated to finish our synths (so long, in fact, that we were kicked out of our room to make way for the next event!). Nonetheless, it was a really fun project, and I enjoyed the sense of camaraderie that I felt with my peers as we discussed music and helped one another to finish our synths.


The crew from Bastl Instruments were really friendly and helpful, and overall it was a great experience! I spend so much time working with music technology every day, but seldom do I stop and think of how everything is working underneath the surface. It definitely added a fresh perspective to how I view electronic instruments, and I would definitely recommend trying something out like this if you ever get the chance!

Robert Henke Presents: Fragile Territories

Next up, I decided to check out Robert Henke‘s laser based audiovisual installation Fragile Territories. Located in the dark and somewhat creepy Sound Chamber. Henke aka Monolake used a series of complex algorithms to create this laser based audiovisual environment. Delicate lasers would draw images at random, while the crackle of electricity oscillated indefinitely.

Every so often, a dark shadow would appear and along with the deep rumble of sub frequency sounds, overwhelm the prior sonic and visual imagery.

Given the acoustics of the space, as well as the audiovisual environment created by Henke, I found these moments of the installation to be the most powerful. I revisited Fragile Territories several times throughout the weekend.

Morton Subotnick & Lillevän in Concert

Day 1 concluded with a collaborative performance between one of the pioneers of electronic music Morton Subotnick, and visual and animation artist Lillevän. Subotnick along with designer Don Buchla, is credited with inventing one of the first analogue synthesizers, The Buchla Series 100, in 1963. It was a nice way to end the day!

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Best of NAMM 2016

Best of NAMM
Every January the music tech world descends on Anaheim, California to show off its new gear at the annual NAMM show, and while the past few years have seen companies like Korg release compact synths, and Roland and Yamaha revive classic hardware in new forms, the overriding trend at this year’s event was modular synths – and lots of them.

Formerly a niche concern, Eurorack format modular gear has been growing in popularity with affordable, entry level systems like the AIRA System-1m being released over the past year.

As well as all the Modular offerings, there were plenty of other unexpected announcements: Korg’s Minilogue, Arturia’s MatrixBrute and Teenage Engineering’s intriguing audio and video synth, the OP-Z to name a few.

Probably the most talked about announcement at NAMM was the MatrixBrute from Arturia. The MatrixBrute is an all new 100% analog synthesizer, featuring a 49-key keyboard, 3 “brute” oscillators, Steiner-Parker and ladder filters, 3 envelope generators, and an outlandish modulation matrix that aims to make patch-cable systems obsolete. The matrix features 256 buttons, and allows you to route any of 16 modulation sources to any of 18 modulation destinations, as well as functioning as a sequencer and preset selector. You can watch Arturia’s new promo video below.

Another new release that looks as though it will have big implications in the future is the new wireless MIDI adapter from Yamaha. The release date is still TBA, however it should retail for $50, making it an affordable way to clear up clutter from wires in the studio.

Head on over to FACT Magazine for the full scoop on the best offerings from this year’s NAMM conference!

Interested in Synthesizers? We have a Synthesis program that allows you to work hands-on with professional hardware! If you have any questions, make sure to send me an email!

Roland Reveals New AIRA Modular

The new system is billed by the company as “modular for the masses”. -factmag

This new System-1m is a standalone synth that features four different effects units.

The SYSTEM-1m is a semi-modular version of the SYSTEM-1 synth with extra features like CV/Gate connections, external input, and more comprehensive signal routing options. Next there’s a range of standalone, table-top and Eurorack compatible effects for next-level sound mangling and experimentation, with distortion, crusher, delay and scatter coming soon.

Bitrazer: is a “programmable crusher effect with CV/Gate and Euroack Compatability.” This allows the DJ to have more control and flexibility over the crushing effect. This effect is programmable via computer, smartphone, or tablet!

Demora: “Programmable High-Resolution delay with CV/Gate and Eurorack Compatability” This allows for more flexibility and control over the delay effect.

Scooper: This effect unit is designed for the Scatter effect. With its 16 million steps of resolution is provides ultra-smooth controls.

Torcido: This versatile modular effect gives you control over the classic distortion effect. Just like the others, it is programmable via computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Click on this AIRA Modular Intro video and get a sneak peak of the new hardware. These units are called the Bitrazer, Demora, Scooper, and Torcido.

To better understand the Roland AIRA Modular and/or learn about this innovative hardware please contact Sarah for any questions and to get signed up for a music production class! You can also call 617.849.9321!

For more click on this FactMag article- “Roland officially reveals AIRA Modular and it’s both Eurorack and smartphone compatible

Free Modular Bass Pack for Ableton!

spektro audio

Spektro Audio has released a sample pack full of analog bass sounds for FREE download.

Starting with a Eurorack modular, then running it through their CV-toolkit, Spektro created 10 Sampler-based bass patches. The CV-toolkit is an incredible tool for digitally controlling and effecting analog synths. At $20 standalone, or free with Max for Live, it’s a worthy purchase for anyone who owns an analog synthesizer! If you don’t own one, fear not, this sample pack should keep you happy for now.

We tried to come up with analog bass sounds that can work great in many different music genres by using variety of different oscillators, filters and synthesis techniques. – Spektro Audio

All samples were recorded at 24-bit and 48kHz through the UAudio Apollo interface, so whether you’re an amateur or pro in any genre, you’ll be ready to go with high quality and versatile sounds. Download the pack!

If you want to hear the sounds in action, Peter Kirn from Create Digital Music used the new sounds and his QuNexus Keyboard to make a series of loops that are also free to download on his Soundcloud:

For more free/cheap Max for Live devices, sample packs, and more, check out their projects page. And for instruction on all of the above, enroll in our music production program.