Orbit: the Multi-Person DJ Controller

Okay, this thing looks pretty cool. DJ Tech Tools and Red Bull Music Academy teamed up to build the Orbit, a collaborative DJ controller.

Orbit DJ Controller User

Designed and built for Richie Hawtin‘s ENTER.┬áparty in Ibiza, the Orbit features 12 touch wheels on a big, sleek, futuristic-looking circular table. Each wheel allows someone to control a single channel in an Ableton Live track.

Orbit DJ Controller

The goal for the project isn’t to replace traditional DJ controllers, but to connect people through music, sort of an “electronic drum circle,” and open the door to creativity with a music installation that’s fun for the users but also creates the soundtrack for a nightclub.

More than 1000 LEDs react to the position of the touch wheels, resulting in a visually and aurally stimulating interactive experience. Get a more in-depth look into the Orbit by checking out this article. Also, take a look at the below video to see how this beast came to be.

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