Pro Tip: Auto Input

Ever checked out the Serato website? Whenever you’re having a little trouble, wander on over to find some Pro Tips on everything from beat grids to expansion packs. Here is one on Auto Input:

The Auto Import folder can be used to automatically import tracks into your Serato DJ library. If you add files to this folder, when you open Serato DJ they will be located in the “Latest Import” crate, ready to be played or added to other Crates.

You can find the Auto Import folder within your _Serato_ folder in either:

Mac: user > music > _Serato_ > Auto Import

PC: user > My Music > _Serato_ > Auto Import

A good tip is to set this folder as your download location in your internet browser. This means that when you download new music, it will appear automatically in Serato DJ.

NOTE: You will need to close and re-open Serato DJ for new tracks to show if you are downloading new music while you have an active Serato DJ session open.

Need help?

If you need help, we recommend you open a help ticket with our support team who can look into what’s going wrong and walk you through the steps to troubleshoot and resolve your issue.

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Wolf Meets Baer

Our very own Mmmmaven grad, DJ Baer (Chris Smith), had his song recently signed to a label! His song Funny Grandma was released by Wolf Beats on band camp on August 19th. Take a listen and enjoy:

DJ Baer learned from producer and Mmmmaven instructor Moduloktopus (Wigbert Caro). Caro moved in 2007 from the Dominican Republic to Boston where he attended Berklee School of Music for Electronic Music Production and Professional Music.


Check out one of Moduloktopus’ songs and get a feel for his vibe.

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An Intro to Ableton Live with Andrew Hlynksy

This Friday night, Andrew Hlynsky will be at Mmmmaven for an Introduction to Ableton Live for Working Musicians.


Presented by Boston Music Scene, this workshop will show musicians how to use Ableton Live in a performance setting. Andrew will cover live looping, recording directly into clips, and changing audio into MIDI. Grab some (FREE) tickets, bring a friend, and come learn a thing or two.

I find it very interesting that the art world is trying to push sound into the same box as painting, video, photography etc. In reality these things are closer to being music then ever before.

-Andrew Hlynsky

Andrew Hlynsky is an electronic musician, drummer, and sound designer. He has performed everywhere from the Firefly Festival to Herd Studio and has performed as a VJ at places like Camp Bisco, Phoenix Landing, and the Wonderbar. Having nine years of experience using Ableton Live, Andrew has been teaching Electronic Music Composition for two years.

Listen to Andrew’s beats on soundcloud. Here’s one of his songs:

If you like the workshop, come check out our courses! Contact Sarah to schedule a free introductory DJ lesson or a tour of the studio.

Catch Some Waves at FreakquenSea

It’s pretty hard to top a sunset cruise around Boston harbor, but FreakquenSea is bound to blow your average cruise out of the water. In order to properly release their new EP entitled Freakquency, The Zebbler Encanti Experience has organized a music-filled cruise alongside LostInSound and Mmmmaven. The Zebbler Encanti Experience will be bringing song their brand new live setup, as well as a giant A/V screen setup that can be seen from the shore. Get your tickets here.

Zebbler Encanti Experience

Don’t get any ideas, because the lineup aboard the ship is not one to miss. Jeff Mission, Schlang, and Camp Lamp will all be holding down their respective decks until the party heads ashore to Wonder Bar in Allston. A free bus will take you right to the after party featuring The Human Experience. Tickets are on Eventbrite here.

This isn’t the first time Mmmmaven’s crossed paths with The Zebbler Encanti Experience, in fact our Ableton class curriculum was created by the Berklee alum Encanti.

He also taught several of our first Ableton classes, and Mmmmaven would not be the same without him.

As long as you’ve got $25 and a 21+ ID, there’s nothing holding you back from a beautiful summer night filled with stunning electronic sights and sounds. Get your tickets at Eventbrite and get ready to set sail!