STEAM in the Port!

February 12 kids of all ages came together at the Fletcher Maynard Academy Gym in Cambridge to get some hands-on experience with what the creators of STEAM are all about.


Kids and their families came out and, with the help of places like danger!awesome, and the Science Club for Boys and Girls, got their feet wet with different forms of science and technology. Children were given the opportunity to create colorful mobiles that spun in the air, race wind-powered vehicles, and mix some beats at a DJ station (as well as enjoy a dinner with their families).

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. The Cambridge Expanded Learning STEAM Network was created in order to pool the resources Cambridge has to offer to support children’s growth and exploration of intellectual pursuits

We believe that the intentional integration of arts and sciences opens pathways for young people to participate in robust learning experiences that add to the quality of their lives and communities, and their chances for future success both in and out of school.

To learn more about what the STEAM Network is all about, check out their website.


To learn about our opportunities for children, check out our year-round Beat Academy! Give Sarah a call to get your kids signed up!

Three Reasons Education Makes a Perfect Holiday Gift

Screenshot 2014-11-25 at 2.40.11 PM

Not sure what to get this year? I don’t blame you. Between the standard new gadgetry or “hot new toys” there’s not much new under the tree this year. But with the economy in the state it is in and technology disrupting every field, there’s one gift that makes perfect sense: Education.

1. Give someone the skills to turn a hobby into a revenue stream.

Whether it’s graphic design or programming or video editing or, yes, music production, there are considerable demands for people who know how to use technology to create or produce content. Most all of these skills have independent skillshare schools where you can pick up these talents relatively inexpensively. Even one seminar to whet their appetite or get them introduced to a new career path could make a world of difference.

Screenshot 2014-11-25 at 2.43.32 PM

2. You won’t find the most cutting-edge facilities in a traditional school.

Pop-up assemblies, projects or adult education centers possess a dexterity to adapt to change from month to month, where older institutions might take a year or more to introduce innovations into their curriculum.

This is exactly why these new-era educational centers are disrupting higher education with every turn.

They’re also massively less expensive and require much less of a commitment.

Screenshot 2014-11-25 at 2.36.45 PM

3. It’s also a social exercise.

Maybe your friend, sibling or offspring needs to get out of the house more? Perhaps the news or their financial situation keeps them from getting out and about? Taking a class is a great way to meet people, form bonds and potentially even fall in love. As the Director of the Mmmmaven Project, I’ve literally seen it happen. In the advent of our more silo’d world and in the near absence of of old-world centers like libraries, record stores or brick-and-mortar technology shops, there’s no better place to join a like-minded community than a skill-share.

And I’m not just saying this because our Central Square Cambridge music academy is having our annual 20% off sale. Be it General Assembly, Danger!Awesome, night classes at a nearby community college or vocational school, the gift of education may not be as cheap as Boggle but it goes a lot further. And again, I’m speaking from experience.

In these times, the gift of education is nearly as thoughtful of a gift as it gets.

David Day is co-Founder and Director of Mmmmaven, a future music academy in the heart of Central Square, Cambridge. Follow them on Twitter for all the latest news and information: @mmmmaven, @mmmmavenproject, @mmmmavenagency and their teen program: @BeatAcademyBOS. And, yes they are indeed having a big sale this weekend.


For a quick animated introduction to what we do here. Click the video below:

Ready? Want to know more about our gifting opportunities? We also have gift certificates available. Email DJ Sara Lee to get started.

It’s Graduation Day for The Beat Academy

After a long week of rigorous scratching and mixing, it’s finally time for the young DJs of the Beat Academy to show everyone what they’ve got. Join us tonight for Beat Academy’s Final Performance at the Mmmmaven Project here in Central Square! Campers ages 10 – 14 will show us what they’ve got before graduating from Mmmmaven’s inaugural summer camp.

Beat Academy Graduation

Over the course of the week, campers learned the ins and outs of industry standard equipment, got their hands dirty in some new technology, and produced their first six-song mini-mix. They learned how to organize their favorite tracks and get in the mix with different styles, and now is their opportunity to see if they have what it takes to play in front of a crowd of screaming fans!

Come out and support the new generation of DJs at 5PM, you’ll be blown away.

Beat Academy Starts Next Week!

That’s right, Mmmmaven’s inaugural Beat Academy starts next Monday. All aspiring DJs or Producers from the ages of 10 to 14 are invited to sign up for the week long DJ bootcamp. This week is your last chance to register, and you can still get the 15% discount if you hurry!

beat academy

Over the course of the week, campers will learn the ins and outs of industry standard equipment, get their hands dirty in some new technology, and produce their first six-song mini-mix. They will learn to organize their favorite tracks and get in the mix with different styles, then see if they have what it takes to play in front of a crowd of screaming fans.


  • Intro to Beat-Matching
  • Basic Mixing
  • Recording
  • Effects
  • Industry standard equipment & software


  • Marketing & Promotion
  • Music Business
  • Scratching
  • Music Production: Edits & Mashups
  • VJing

Indoor & Outdoor Activities

  • Music Trivia
  • Sports (kickball, soccer)
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Outdoor Games

What’s included?

  • Swag Bag
  • Lunch & afternoon refreshments
  • CD with recorded Mix
  • Promo/Branding materials


Students will have an opportunity to showcase their skills taught in camp. Parents & friends are welcome to attend.