Legowelt Releases Free Smackos Amiga 909 Drum Machine

Legowelt Drum Machine
Eclectic Dutch producer, and #MakeItNew Alumnus, Legowelt recently released a free drum machine for Ableton Live, based on samples from his old Amiga 909 sample floppy disk. In addition to sampling his old floppy disk, Legowelt included some hand-crafted goodies in the form of some included FX.

Introducing brand new technologies such as FLOCCULENCE, AMIGAnizer
and SKOOLY SPACE to give u a fresh spectaculair 909 experience u never had before!!!

Using and learning from the tools of producers like Legowelt is a good way to get inside their heads, and figure out their secrets. Just recently we also showed you the PX18 sequencer from Monolake, a tool they programmed for themselves back in 1995, and which became a major inspiration for the layout of Ableton live. The PX18 is also available as a free download, and is a good insight into the mind of two other techno and house veterans.

You can download the Smackos Amiga 909 from Legowelt’s website, as well as a ton of synthesizer and drum machine sample packs, and a clap generator synth for Ableton with parameters to control the “sogginess”, “wallop”, and “funk spicyness” of your clap. Look below for an audio sample of the new Drum Machine, and a video of Legowelt in the studio with Fact Magazine.

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Metasonix Creates Drum Machine from Vacuum Tubes

Drum machines are becoming duller and duller. Same sounds, same setups, same everything. Metasonix wants to change that.

Their solution: the D-2000, a concept drum machine created from various Vacuum tubes.


It doesn’t sound clean, and its not supposed to. Some might be turned off by the harsh noises this machine creates. Metasonix has even reported that customers think their units are broken when, in fact, that’s exactly how they’re supposed to sound.

“Not everyone can actually create products in a way that could be termed trolling – and still sell them. This is that kind of product.”

Here’s how it works: take three tunable drums made from the resonance of tube-driven bandpass filters, tune them with vactrol photoresistors (a  resistive circuit that combines an LED and a photoresistor) then add drive controls give you overdrive plus two noise cymbals, also using tubes to gate the sound.

“It’s almost as though the whole product is an insult to … sort of everyone.”

Those bold enough to try out this ridiculous new sound better be willing to risk their bank accounts. The unit comes in at $1895, and it’s a limited run so there’s not much time to think it over.

Is it maniacal genius, or a company fishing for attention? The music that’s ultimately created with it will give us the answer.

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Introducing the 9ft Roland TR-909

Roland TR-909

Yes, you read correctly, a 9 foot long fully functional Roland TR-909. The enormous drum machine is the creation of Scottish collective Ray, who built it in order to celebrate the 30th birthday of the TR-909. They recreated the actual 909 interface using real Roland gear, and the outer structure is composed of wood, steel, and aluminum. Check it out in action!

The buttons are made from 12 PD-8 drum pads which then feed into a TD-12 drum brain. After that the MIDI data is sent into an Aira TR-8, so that you can see synchronized visuals (not included in the video). This gigantic TR-909 will be featured at Bestival and the Green Man festival in Wales, were festival goers can play the machine for themselves!

You can read more on about drum machine on the original blog.

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Roland Unveils NEW System-1 Plug-Out Synth


On July 25, 2014, Roland will deliver their first ever Plug-Out keyboard synthesizer, the System-1, the newest addition to their AIRA series. Roland’s AIRA series consists of three other instruments: the VT-3 Voice Transformer effects processor, the TB-3 Touch Bassline synth, and the TR-8 Rhythm Performer drum machine. The combination of these four instruments gives any aspiring musician the necessary tools to develop their creativity and skills as a songwriter, producer, and performer.

Based on Roland’s 1982 classic SH-101, the System-1 keyboard gives the user full hardware control over the plug-in. The System-1 features Roland’s Analog Circuit Behavior which provides spot-on modeling of all analog synth components. Variable filter, envelopes, LFO and more respond exactly like the modeled analog gear. The hands-on controls allow you to command every parameter with simplicity and efficiency.

This video demonstrates some of the System-1’s main features:

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