Chris Ward’s Favorite Mix of 2015

Bassic 4-Year Anniversary, Goodlife, 6.10.11

DJ instructor Chris Ward takes his mixing very seriously. “As a performer, whether cutting and blending hip-­hop to mixing dubstep or jungle on 3 decks Chris is obsessed with finding the perfect mix.”

Chris is also the co-founder of Bassic Boston, the region’s long-running night and a legitimate dubstep original. It is of little wonder then that Mr. Ward picks a selector from dubstep’s Memphis: Bristol, UK.


Favorite mix of the year would probably have to be by this guy from Bristol who goes by Pessimist.

He was featured on the Samurai Music Podcast series back in May. It’s all about the exploration of the gray area around 170 bpms. I like how it rides the lines between dnb and minimal experimental.


If I had 2nd favorite mix it would be by Boston’s own Graphs for Big Up Magazine.

Including Boston-related artists like Rizzla, Cirrus and his own tracks, Jason Taylor “weaved his sound rooted in drum & bass into a unique blend of dubstep-, 2-step-, footwork-, bass-inspired productions. He reflects that it comes from a ‘disoriented place’ and it only appropriately embodies the feeling.”

As for Graphs studio tricks?

Good coffee is essential. Swedish Fish are essential. Black liquorice, too. Especially those horrifying double salted ones.

Click to read the interview with Jason and then pick up the Om Unit compilation featuring Graphs here:

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Soul Clap Record Fair [FRI 10/10]


The Soul Clap record fair we hosted during the Together Boston this past May had such a good turnout we decided it was only appropriate to do another one! Come dig for vinyl straight from the collections of some of Boston’s most renowned selectors. There will be a large array of different styles from some serious collectors here, from $1 bin jams to hard-to-find classics.

If you’re looking for some new listening material, to spice up your next DJ set or a dusty gem to sample on your next track, here’s your chance.

Here is a list of the confirmed sellers:

Pete Dev/Null (90s breakbeat hardcore, jungle, dnb)
Pat Fontes 6-8pm (techno, tech house, speed garage)
Caseroc (house, techno, dnb)
Studebaker Hawk (disco, house, hip hop, funk, jazz, basically everything)
Safi Omar Andujar (reggae, african & colombian)
Will Mayo (from Deep Thoughts JP)
Nick Minieri (house, dnb, Zakim records on sale)

The fair is happening this Friday October 10th from 4-8pm at the Mmmmaven studios (614 Mass ave Cambridge). Check out the Facebook page for updates.

H/T to Nick Minieri for organizing this. He’s been an integral part of Together Boston for years. His Zakim 005 celebrated the local scene, including a track from Mmmmaven Ableton instructor Moduloktopus: