What You Need To Know About Protecting Your Hearing

The most important tool a DJ has to their disposal are their ears. However it’s no surprise that they are often the most abused, when considering the loud settings DJs often find themselves in. Longterm exposure to loud environments can be very damaging to the ears, and if a DJ isn’t careful, they could very well risk hurting the only set of ears they have.

Here are a few things you can do to help save your hearing as much as possible!

1) Break up Your Exposure Time


As soon as you enter the club, throw in some earplugs. This can eliminate an extra 30 minutes to an hour of exposure. During your set, turn down the monitors between mixes. By introducing short 2-3 minute breaks, your ears can get the chance to reset to normal. After your set, go outside and take a break from the loud sound system entirely to let your ears recover.

2) Trust the EQ’s and The Master Meters 


Our loudness perception of upper frequencies deteriorates over time, which is why you might have the tendency to crank up the high and mid eq band during the middle of your set. The solution? Set an appropriate level during soundcheck and throughout the night, try not to go above that. You can also ask someone else to monitor the dance floor levels when the room fills up.

3) Lower the overall DB levels while DJing 


If you’re setting up the system, put your DJ booth behind the stack and monitor the mix with your headphones. You can also use noise reducing ear plugs (such as these) that are designed to lower the volume levels without changing the sound of the music. By using in-ear monitors or over ear headphones, you can reduce the levels of the room noise, if you can fully mix in your headphones.

4) Limit the drinks


Our ears worsen with alcohol, which doesn’t mean DJ’s can’t ever drink again, but is a good thing to keep in mind. More shots equals more pain, now and later. Check out this study, reporting that “alcohol does appear to affect auditory thresholds.”

Watch this video for tips for more tips on how to protect your ears:

Read this blogpost by DJ Tech Tools to find out more.

Whether you’ve just started DJing or you’ve been DJing for many years, start making it a priority to protect your ears.

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Phrasing 101

Looking for some easy tips on how to get the phrasing of your mix just right? Check out this article on DJ Tech Tools, entitled How to DJ 101: Why You Must Understand Phrasing. The article is written simply enough for beginners to understand, and offers great advice on how to get a seamless transition from one song to the next.


The article aims to help aspiring musicians learn to recognize the structure of a song by counting beats and bars. An easy way to know what a beat is, is to think of all house/trance/minimal/techno/any song with a “four on the floor” kick drum. There are four beats to every bar and generally anywhere from 4, 8, and 16 bars in a phrase of music. Once you can recognize the phrasing of a track, it becomes easier to sync it correctly with another track, allowing for a smoother melding of songs. Read the full scoop here.

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Orbit: the Multi-Person DJ Controller

Okay, this thing looks pretty cool. DJ Tech Tools and Red Bull Music Academy teamed up to build the Orbit, a collaborative DJ controller.

Orbit DJ Controller User

Designed and built for Richie Hawtin‘s ENTER. party in Ibiza, the Orbit features 12 touch wheels on a big, sleek, futuristic-looking circular table. Each wheel allows someone to control a single channel in an Ableton Live track.

Orbit DJ Controller

The goal for the project isn’t to replace traditional DJ controllers, but to connect people through music, sort of an “electronic drum circle,” and open the door to creativity with a music installation that’s fun for the users but also creates the soundtrack for a nightclub.

More than 1000 LEDs react to the position of the touch wheels, resulting in a visually and aurally stimulating interactive experience. Get a more in-depth look into the Orbit by checking out this article. Also, take a look at the below video to see how this beast came to be.

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