Our Top 6 Moments of DJ Trolling

It is always satisfying when a DJ executes a set masterfully. Yet, there is something defyingly bold about the kamikaze DJ who calculatedly throws his or her audience for a loop, mid-set, with some inappropriately timed humor.

Sure, effective room reading, smooth transitions, and climactic drops will always earn our praise. But with this post, we’re awarding special style points to the DJ trolls that have earned our chuckles.


To put it lightly, we know that Deadmau5 is unafraid of confrontation – as his Twitter might suggest. So after teasing Dutch EDM producer Martin Garrix for playing his own hit single “Animals” too frequently at shows, Deadmau5 received a sarcastic Tweet from Garrix that was apparently too good to let pass.


After hearing what Deadmau5 did with Garrix’s “Animals” at 0:50, we can probably assume that Garrix is somewhere today still kicking himself for that tweet.


And yet, another Deadmau5 trolling moment makes our list. This time around, he decided to fool fans by faking them out with a Windows system shutdown. Very fittingly, he picks up where he left off with the lyric “sometimes, things get complicated.” Well played, Deadmau5.


DJ Mallon transitions the Lil Jon track “Turn Down For What” into the Spandau Ballet R&B ballad, “True” for what might be the harshest come down in EDM history.


This Lil’ Jon track seems to be a good jumping off point for these DJs. See what Australian DJ duo Mashd N Kutcher did with “Turn Down For What” to troll a frantically bouncing sea of fans (hint: If you’ve seen 22 Jump Street, you will absolutely die laughing at this).


A clever Youtuber with the username Being Boiled decided to overdub DJ Ben Klock’s Boiler Room footage with some wonky, minimal techno, embellished with animal noises and blips. The footage also included the theme song to BBC sports program, “Grandstand.” This audio in combination with the enthusiastically dancing, seemingly oblivious crowd is pure gold.

In good humor, Ben Klock later paid homage to the parody by featuring “Grandstand” in a set that followed the release of the video.


Lastly, here is a video where the tables, erm, get turned on the DJ. A prankster edited DJ Dan Hill‘s audio of Rihanna to switch into the Weathergirls’ classic, “It’s Raining Men.” Confusion, laughter, and hilarity follow.

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