Mmmmaven Graduate: DJ Flow Trigger

“Very few people get the opportunity to learn how to beat match on turntables when starting out. Even more important is the community at Mmmmaven. Between the free workshops, strong alumni network both in person and online, and weekly shows like Make It New, this is a powerful community to be a part of.” – DJ Flow Trigger

emtulumaris_AB (1)

Introducing Manny A.K.A Flow Trigger!

Since graduating Mmmmaven earlier this month he has been working on a series of hour long mixes Called “Alpha Waves”, Volume 1 & 2 is featured below, with more to come!

1. “Beat Organ (Original Mix)” -16 Bit Lolitas
2. “Wayfaring Stranger Ft. Florence Bird (AKA AKA & Thalstroem Remix)” –Joachim Pastor
3. “I’ll Be Missing You (TACHES Remix)” -Puff Daddy Ft. Faith Evans
4. “Fuck Dat (Original Mix)” -Shiba San
5. “Want To Know (Original Mix)” -Sonny Fodera, Bontan
6. “Like You” -Hot Since 82
7. “Just Escape (Justin Martin Remix”) -Escape
8. “Love Taking Over (Original Mix)” -Dusky
9. “Soledad” -Chus & Ceballos
10. “Crossfade” -Gusgus
11. “Sex Appeal (Original Mix)” -Maceo Plex
12. “Kneadin’ (Original Mix)” –Hannah Wants, Chris Lorenzo
13. “Lucky Star (Solomun Remix)” -Ron Carroll, Superfunk

1. “Not The Only One (Original Mix)” –16 Bit Lolitas
2. “Stay Glued feat. Kevin Knapp (ZDS Remix)” -Audiojack
3. “Time To Get Physical (Sonny Fodera Remix)” -NiCe7
4. “Cherry Hill feat. Max Marshall” -Woz
5. “Chemistry (Original Mix)” -Get Abril
6. “Throwing Stones (Original Mix)” -Clint Stewart
7. “Bloom (Lane 8 Remix)” -ODESZA
8. “Always You (Shiba San Remix)” -Sonny Fodera, Bontan
9. “Stay (Justin Martin Remix)” –Henry Krinkle
10. “Sleep Walking (Original Mix)” -Francesco Parla
11. “Sights (Dennis Ferrer Remix)” -London Grammar
12. “Come On Now (Set It Off)” -Juliet Sikora, Tube & Berger
13. “Sugar & Cinnamon feat. Barry Drift” -Claude Von Stroke
14. “Everything feat. Meggy (Sonny Foder Remix)” -Rampa

Sometimes when you ask a DJ about their name they have one of three approaches to answering the question. First, its a secret. Two, the name was derived from a deeper meaning in which they connect with. Three, “idk I thought it sounded cool”. The name “Flow Trigger” came form Manny’s inspiration form novels which he explained to me…

The name Flow Trigger is inspired by the work of author Stephen Kotler in his 2014 bestseller- “The Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human Performance”. The book explores a state of consciousness called flow- an optimal state in which humans perform and feel their best. Kotler identified 17 specific psychological, environmental, social and creative situations- which he coined “flow triggers”- that inspire people to enter this powerful state of consciousness.

Since his graduation he has been working on improving his abilities as a digital DJ using Traktor software and Native Instruments controllers. he currently has a S2 and recently added a F1 into his set-up. In the mean time he has been looking for some gigs, networking, and expanding the DJ community.

Stay tuned with his Alpha Waves series: DJ Flow Trigger

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In the Mmmmix – Mmmmaven Project Graduation Party [6/17]

mmmmaven project graduation

Last night at the Middlesex Lounge we welcomed 8 new DJs into the community. Over the past few months, they have been hard at work with our instructor Charles Mazzola to learn what they need to put on a show. They were finally able to put these new skills to the test last night at the Middlesex Lounge!

Everyone did an awesome job, and had a great time. A graduate from last night said,

Thank you so much Mmmmaven for providing myself and everyone else with the tools necessary to do what we love and enjoy. You guys are great! -Sean

Check out some cool pictures from the night (you can find the rest over here) :

Mmmmaven graduation party

Mmmmaven graduation party

Mmmmaven graduation party

Thank you to everyone who came out for the show! We look forward to seeing where your new skills take you in the future.

If you want to learn to DJ like these guys, you’ve come to the right place. Become a DJ.

SeratoCast – Mix 3


Serato, creators of the software we use in our DJ courses, hand picks mixes of their favorite artists for our enjoyment, called SeratoCast. Recently, they released a mix featuring Ikonika, a respected UK DJ known for her melodies and production skills.

The mix has reached #4 on the Mixcloud Bass chart and #22 on their Techno chart. Listen to it and you’ll quickly understand why:

Take our DJ classes to learn how you can make a mix yourself!

Mmmmaven upgrades to Serato DJ

serato scratch live

Serato has made massive improvements to their famous DJ software, and we have decided to hop on board and make the switch from Scratch Live to Serato DJ. So what does this mean?

First off, your Scratch library, as well as many other functions (Auto Loops, Loop Roll, Reverse, iTunes support, etc) are still available on Serato DJ. You can even still use the Serato Control Vinyls! Aesthetically, the features might have changed (everything looks so sleek!) but your favorites are still there for you.

Now for the new things:

More cue points (8 vs 5) – More cue points means more control over your set.

FX powered by Izotope – you’ll notice a huge upgrade in the quality of the FX. Izotope is a leading name in the industry. You can find their work in Halo 4, Rockband 3, Adobe Audition, Nine Inch Nails, Skrillex, and more. You can see how much control you’ll have from just one screen shot:

izotope effects serato

Slip Mode – want to go into free time? Slip Mode has you covered, it’ll help you come back in on the beat every time.

Sync – a highly controversial topic to DJs (seriously there’s even Facebook groups about this), so Serato gave you the option to have sync on or off to help you get tracks in time quickly. Regardless of where you stand on the debate, it’s a feature worth checking out!

In general, the UI got crisper and more compact, but filled with more toys and tools – all things you hope to see in an upgrade. To get a more in depth breakdown of the differences, check Serato’s comparison page.

Ready to try it out yourself? We’ll be using Serato DJ in our DJ courses!