Evlv Tech x Make It New w/ Volvox, Antenes, Umi [7/21]


E-Volv TECH FEST x Make It New
Volvox, Antenes (LIVE), Umi
Thursday July 21, 2016

Free with E-VOLV Tech Festival Pass before 11pm


Pre-sale passes available: raveamong.us

Evlv Tech is a Boston-based community for self identified female, trans and non binary djs, producers, live performers, and event curators/promoters in music technology.

Evlv Tech Festival will provide a platform to showcase the abundance of talent emanating from female and non-binary artists in music technology.


Over four days, together for the first time in one space, this assembly of pioneers will augment the norm shifting momentum, focusing on intersectionality, cultivating stronger support systems, skill sharing, musing and experiencing music and dance.

Music is for every body!

DJ Volvox was an instrumental part of Make It New for years as a resident DJ, co-promoter, and graphic designer. We would not be here without her and we’re psyched that she’s back again. She was recently given a endorsement by XLR8R as a “Winner” of Movement Detroit 2016.

Watch her churning and burning set for Boiler Room here:

Where all the ladies at?

The Fader knows where in this article on nine all-female DJ crews from around the globe.

TGAF / Photo by Carin Kelly
TGAF / Photo by Carin Kelly

The article highlights the new wave of women behind the decks putting out some fantastic new sound. Fader calls out these nine crews for a good reason, they are all making an effort in creating a positive impact for all women throughout the industry. Fader points out,

“In an industry where there are people who don’t encourage—and in some cases, actively discourage—women to pursue DJing for a living, exclusively female-identifying projects carry massive significance.”

Take a look at these ladies and let us know what you think!
Discwoman, New York

Sister, New York

TGAF, Paris

A photo posted by Radio PiiAF (@wearepiiaf) on

Mahoyo, Stockholm

The Mahoyo Project (2015) – Official Trailer from Flip-Flop Interactive on Vimeo.

Miss Modular, Los Angeles

Born N Bread, London

Work in Progress, Toronto

Apeiron Crew, Copenhagen

SIREN, London

In the Fader article Paula Temple was interviewed and she explains,

Maybe when we reach the point where sidelining, gaslighting, denying, undermining, taking over, reductionism, hostile environments and sexual harassment have disappeared, there would be less of a reason to create all-female projects.”

But until that point is reached, lets embrace these ladies and their killer contributions to music.

Any aspiring lady DJ’s out there looking for the an opportunity to learn? Come join Mmmmaven’s DJ Program because #girlstothefront #bossladies. Contact us for a studio tour and a free lesson!