Resolume 6.1.0 Sync to the DJ

We have always been big fans of Resolume, which, in many ways, is the VJ software component of Serato. Here is their latest update about 6.1.0:

The 6.1.0 release is a major point release, which means we added a big feature. As we announced a few weeks ago, we made it a lot easier to sync a prepared video set to the audio coming from the DJ.

If you work with a DJ that mixes on a Denon setup, you can now line up every video in Resolume to every track on the players. You can read all about the what’s and the how’s in the manual. Suffice to say, this will make banging out those DJ intros and special show moments a piece of cake.

We also have a handful of bug fixes. If you’re using multiply a lot, make sure you peek the warning in the full release notes and then hit that download.

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NAMM 2016 Rumors & Speculation

Mmmmaven NAMM 2016 rumorsWith little over a week to go before NAMM 2016, Dan White over at DJ Tech Tools has all the rumors about what new gear we can expect to be revealed at the world-renowned convention, including offerings from Pioneer DJ, Denon DJ, Richie Hawtin, and more.

DJs are speculating that we will see new hardware from Pioneer, as many feel as though their classic mixers and media players such as the DJM-900 NXS and CDJ-2000 NXS are starting to become a little outdated.┬áIn addition to rumors a while back about a new DJM mixer, DJ Tech Tools is predicting Pioneer will release a new media player, which they think will be called the “XDJ-2000”.

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In addition to the possibility of new gear from Pioneer, Denon DJ, longtime competitor to Pioneer, has released a teaser video that is nothing short of cryptic.

Weird, but since Denon was bought by the InMusic group a while back, many have been yearning to see where the new ownership will take the brand.

Hercules DJ also appears poised to get in on the action, releasing a teaser video for what could be a new Jogwheel-Free DJ controller.

We also have the possibility of a new DJ product from Richie Hawtin, who hinted at an early 2016 product release in a recent, somewhat mysterious Instagram post.

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For more on release rumors and speculations, head on over to DJ Tech Tools.

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