Bob Moses on Ableton

Bob Moses Ableton Interview
Bob Moses is a two man music project consisting of Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance, hailing from Brooklyn, NY. They have distinguished themselves by their ability to flawlessly combine organic and electronic music, and their brand of pop-influenced Deep House has been well-received by fans. From their start on the Frank & Tony EPs on esteemed Scissor and Thread imprint in 2012 to 2015’s Days Gone By LP on Domino, the duo have come a long way. We’re no strangers to the sound of Bob Moses, as we’ve hosted the duo in Boston on a few occasions already, including Mmmmaven’s 4-Year Anniversary party, a night at Make It New, and a spot in the 2015 Together Festival.

Ableton makes it easy to layer sounds and samples quickly. We can record a loop from vinyl, time stretch it, pitch it up or down, cut bits out, totally change the groove…all in less than a minute. -Tom

Bob Moses are also big fans of Ableton Live, the Digital Audio Workstation software we teach in our music production courses, and use it extensively for both producing and performing music. The folks over at Ableton sat down for an interview with the two to discuss how they use Ableton Live as a part of their set-up. You can read the full interview here, and listen to some more of Bob Moses’ music below.

Interested in learning to use Ableton Live? Mitchell will take you all the way from programming your first drum loops and basslines to finishing up your own very own original track.

Wednesday Beats Vol. 1

Here is the first “Wednesday Beats” where we will post new mixtapes, songs, whatever is coming to surface and worthy of a good listen or two or 20!

1. Spinnin’ Records Miami 2015- Day Mix
This first Mix is by Spinnin Records. Very chill, relaxed and tropical with some Deep House sprinkled in there. Miami is a crazy and hectic place, so do not let the title confuse you with this cool chilled out mix.

2. What So Not- Flying To Europe Mix
The second mix is from a DJ Group called “What So Not“. It is a duo straight from the island of Australia who share a passion for surfing and EDM. They have gained attention from people like Flosstradamus, Major Lazer, Tiga and many more. Listen to the awesome mix all the way through, I have about 30+ times already!

3. Too Future. Guest Mix 014: SNBRN
The third mix is something I stumbled upon from my research into Tropical House. To be completely honest, if I had a baby, I would call it “Tropical House”! That is how much I love this new Thomas Jack inspired genre. SNBRN dabbles with the Tropical House and Deep House scene, which makes he a pretty cool dude from my opinion, especially because you can download this mix FOR FREE!

4. Deep In The Tropics Chap. 3 X Deep Chills
Let me tell you something about Deep Chills.. when I first heard of this 18 year old DJ/Producer from Milano, Italy he or she only had 2K follower on Soundcloud, now its risen to 11K. So, back to my love for Tropical House, “Deep Chills” has nailed this genre with amazing remixes and certainly has an ear for the tropics. You also can download this mix by clicking “Free Pizza”, which cracked me up when I saw it! Listen to this Mix and get sent straight to a Beach in the Bahamas, or ITALY!

5. Oliver Heldens Heldeep Mixtape 5 (Summer Edition)
Oliver Heldens, from the Netherlands, has been killin’ the DJ/Producing scene by creating his own works and remixing all the time. He has performed all over the world and is great friends with Tiesto and Zeds Dead. His Heldeep Mixtape (Summer edition) is one for the books. A great mixtape with a Deep House/Summer vibe. Enjoy!

If you enjoyed these mixes or want to just share your thoughts then please comment below! If you’re interest in learning how to produce and DJ please contact Sarah Hoffman at 617.849.9321.

3 Reasons Not to Miss DJ Sprinkles at #MakeItNew Tonight

Typically, posts such as these are easy to come by, our guests have been big in one club or another for years, or have recently releases a club-smashing hit single or have a podcast we’ve been following for years.

DJ Sprinkles, however, is a bit different. That’s not to say you won’t shake yourself into a sweaty mess, but there will be more for your brain to do tonight than normal. Let me see if I can explain.

1. She’s less of a DJ and more of a magician

As the New Yorker put it (via “Depth on the Dancefloor”):

Usually, electronic dance music is all about the sound; songs succeed when they feel good on the dance floor. Sprinkles’s songs are more like essays—through their samples, they make an argument, usually having to do with the recent history of gender, sexuality, race, capitalism, and/or dance music.

So basically the mix turns into a speech, the EQ becomes the red pen of a dissertation and the crossfader a clapboard. Sprinkles casts a spell on the dancefloor quite like no one else.

2. She released perhaps the best deep house album of the 2000s

A lot of people say they are into deep house now, but no one did deep house quite like Midtown 120 Blues. It’s as classic of a deep house album as Moodymann’s Silentintroduction. I’ll again let someone else explain, this time over at Resident Advisor:

Thaemlitz treats us to well over an hour of exquisite deep house. Other than a handful of monologues and loops of vocal samples, Thaemlitz eschews vocals and keeps things instrumental—there are no wailing divas here, but instead richly textured productions that are warm and enveloping, full of gently tapped pianos and flute notes floating by. Even as the tracks groove (and they do indeed groove—many of these tracks would be quite welcome on a dance floor), there’s a gentle fluid grace to Midtown 120 Blues.

3. DJ Sprinkles is a veteran of the New York City house scene.

Her take on New York City house is in a first-person singular perspective. I’ll let her tell you herself.

There must be a hundred records with voice-overs asking, “What is house?” The answer is always some greeting card bullsh*t about “life, love, happiness….” … House is not universal. House is hyper-specific … The contexts from which the deep house sound emerged are forgotten: sexual and gender crises, transgendered sex work, black market hormones, drug and alcohol addiction, loneliness, racism, HIV, ACT-UP, Tompkins Square Park, police brutality, queer-bashing, underpayment, unemployment and censorship—-

all at 120 beats per minute.


Three Reasons Not to Miss Bob Moses at MIN Tonight (11/6)

10710583_728383543917452_2937099182962462191_nThe smoldering Deep House duo Bob Moses will be playing live tonight (11/6) at Make It New. Here’s three reasons not to miss out.

1: Bob Moses is incredibly smooth.
You’re not gonna wanna miss these guys. Their music features smokey vocals, hypnotic looping melodies and a certain kind progression that evolves to soaring heights while sitting in a stagnant haze. Their music is all at once deep, bluesy, and danceable.

2: This is the duo’s first international tour.
These two guys are picking up steam fast. Interest quickly started picking up after the release of the group’s sultry sophomore ep “Far From The Tree.” The buzz from the album soon landed them a deal with Domino Records and tour dates around the world.

3: Make It New hasn’t had a live headliner in quite a while.
Make It New has always been home to amazing DJ sets but tonight you can get a little something extra. Bob Moses features a live singer, live guitar and laptop performance. If you’re tired of DJ sets but love some deep house, then this is the show for you.

Thusday 11/6/14
door tickets only.
$15 all night
doors at 9pm
Don’t miss out

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