3 Reasons Not to Miss Lost in Boston with Distal tonight


1. Distal is proud to leave genre behind

The 28-year-old Distal has developed a signature style that traverses genres, moods and styles. His sets touch on everything from techno to jungle and break-core, and beyond. A scientific background in the research of Synesthesia adds yet another unique angle to his work.

2. It’s May 6th, but you can still celebrate Star Wars Day

Proud to embrace a bit of geeky heritage, Distal dropped a new Star Wars-themed track on Tuesday that references both Baltimore club music and Episode IV. Give it a listen and be on the lookout for it tonight, as Distal calls it “a fun interlude between the more serious club tracks” in his DJ set.

3. It’s a Music Ecology revival

Music Ecology has long held down the Tuesday night slot at Allston’s Wonder Bar, and its resident DJs Alex Russo and Dabu will keep the tradition alive with opening sets tonight.

All this for an $8 cover? It’s true. Check the Facebook event for more details, and get to Wonderbar at 9pm tonight.