Remix Winner: Preston Powers

We have a winner! Last month, we held our first-ever Ableton User Group Remix Challenge and invited the music production community to take a stab at Digital Den’s latest release from Subalias. Specifically, the song “Take Me Out”:

The winner is Preston Powers a/k/a $PIC¥ BØ¥$!

From a production standpoint it’s mixed well, and the sound design is on-point. Stylistically, I love the energy … this track slaps! — Subalias

Here’s a quick Q&A with Preston Powers

Subalias said this track slaps! How did you get it just right?
I know a really, really good ghost producer… Just kidding! The little things like compression, reverb, eq, filters, panning, saturation and automation really add up in the end. Don’t be afraid to slap some effects on a sound; if it sounds better, keep it! If it doesn’t, drop it and move on!

Which do you think is the best part of the jam?
The second drop unexpectedly switching up causes a small explosion in my head that gets me going! My favorite element is that rolling bass coming in at 54s and 2:26 – Takes Me Out … back to Europe.

What do you enjoy most about Ableton?
What’s nice about Ableton is there are so many resources out there to help you reach that mastery level. Shout-out to Mmmmmaven! (and YouTube, heh!)

Preston wins a dope prize pack which includes the *dope* Making Music (Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers) book, Ableton expansion packs, and more!

For more Preston Powers, click through:

This is a mix we did for MIX 24/7 EDM Radio! Most of the songs are $PIC¥ BØ¥$ originals with a dash of other spicy songs we enjoy! Thanks for listening!

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Against the Clock: Ableton and FACT TV Production contest

factmag against the clock

Ableton and FACT TV are teaming up to give unsigned producers a chance to participate in FACT TV’s Against The Clock, an exciting series where notable producers are given 10 minutes to craft a song from scratch. Addison Groove, KiNK, xxxy, and Huxley have given it a shot, and now so can you by submitting one of your own tracks to the contest’s Soundcloud group.

After June 9th, the judges will go through the entries and choose three winners who FACT will film attempting to tackle the challenge. Viewers will vote to determine one grand prize winner, and two runners up. First place recieves a copy of Ableton Live 9 Suite (worth $800!), along with an 8-week online instruction course from Quantize Courses, and plenty of Ableton merch and free downloads from the Ableton instrument/pack store.

Even runner ups get a steal: Ableton Live 9 Standard (worth $500) as well as Ableton merch and free downloads!

This competition is a collaboration between FACT and Ableton, but you do not have to use Ableton for the contest (any DAW will do). We recommend you try it out, though, so click here to give it a go for free for 30 days! Factmag’s website has some more information on the contest. If you’re still not sure what this is all about (or if you want to see a pro at work), check out xxxy as he goes Against the Clock:

Making a song in 10 minutes (or making a song at all) is not an easy feat. If you’re not ready for the challenge yet, try checking out our music production course so we can help you prepare for the next competition!

Student Spotlight: Decklin Foster

Previous Mmmmaven student, Decklin Foster, won Together’s DJ Competition this year! He kicked things off at The Sinclair on May 12th where he opened for Canadian musician and DJ, Tiga.

Check out his entry for the competition!

Decklin is also known as DJ Left-Fold and hosts a weekly radio show on Boston Free Radio called Edits. He plays a variety of genres on his show including house, downtempo, hardcore, hip-hop, indie rock, and jazz.