Inside the Livecoding Algorave Movement

You want the future of music? Here’s one idea. They call it Algorave (via CDM)

“You can’t really separate music from community.”

“I see the same motivation behind wiring and re-wiring a modular synthesizer and modifying live code while it runs.”

“I like the folk music model where people borrow tunes from each other all the time. Free/open source music fits into that nicely.”


Way, way, WAY more over at CDM Blogs.

Get into it! Our June classes are a shocking 15% until Friday and computer music is what Ableton is all about. Email me.

Festival Of Us – Weekend Long Art and Dance Extravaganza

festival of us

Are you a fan of art in many different forms? If so, mark your calendars for this upcoming, open event right in the heart of Cambridge. From Friday, June 24th – Sunday, June 26th, The Dance Complex in combination with Cambridge Arts Council’s Riverfest and Dance For World Community Festival to bring you The 2nd Festival of Us, You, We & Them.

From the sidewalks to inside of the Dance Complex (536 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139) there will be art everywhere: including concert and pop-up performances, classes on various dance genres, and “spontaneous actions of creation”. Many of these events are free and they will all be open to the public for enjoyment. It’s a half showcase, half celebration!

Click here for the programming schedule. You are not going to want to miss out!


Mmmmaven to Give DJ Lesson at Cambridge Center for Adult Education [THU 8/14]

This Thursday, our own Peter O’Karma (DJ Esq/Madd Martigann) and Sarah will give a DJ lesson at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education. Reserve your spot here for just $10!


The CCAE is a non-profit, self-supporting organization aimed at giving people the opportunity to explore their interests and nurture their talents and potential. It was founded in 1876 as the Cambridge Social Union, but officially became the Cambridge Center for Adult Education in 1938. Located in the historic House of William Brattle, built in 1727, the CCAE offers a wide variety of courses including cooking, foreign languages, performing arts, science, and much more. Have a look at all of their classes!

CCAE Brattle House

DJ Esq’s lesson will run from 6:00 – 7:30 PM. If you missed the link up top, you can reserve your spot here for just $10! Have a listen below to hear DJ Esq in action!

Think you want more DJ or electronic music production lessons? Learn from the pros here at Mmmmaven! Contact us for more information, a tour of the studios, and a free DJ lesson!

The Hip Hop Transformation Comes to MMMMaven


The Hip Hop Transformation is a program for teens ages 14-18 offered by the Cambridge Community Center. The program teaches teenagers everything from the history of hip hop in our society to the art of songwriting and performing. By the end of the program, the students will have recorded a song that is released on a THHT mixtape, and also distributed throughout Cambridge. Not only this, but they also gain real life experience of performing live in front of their peers and a crowd.

A THHT Performance
A THHT Performance

Next week The Hip Hop Transformation comes to MMMMaven in order to learn the other side of hip hop, the beat making. The teenagers from the program will visit the production labs at MMMMaven in order to learn how to create beats from Ableton instructor Nick Garcia.

Be sure to check out The Hip Hop Transformation Mixtape: Volume 1.

Interested in learning the production side of hip hop, or any genre for that matter? Check out the production and DJing courses offered at MMMMaven, or contact us for any questions.