A Soundtrack for Spiritual Awakening

Jon Hopkins makes gentle music with hidden depths.

Celebrated music writer Kelefa Sanneh reviews Jon Hopkins new album Singularity for the New Yorker. Mr. Hopkins was the first artist we collaborated on bringing to Boston five years ago.

[Singularity] is both the gentlest and the most epic of Hopkins’s career. — Kelefa Sanneh

Sanneh talks about Hopkins‘ early on being “seduced by the Roland TB-303,” how Singularity signaled his transition from Logic into Ableton, and which Spotify playlists he comes up on.

As an inspiration for our school, and for many of our students, Hopkins’ release is something to celebrate to be sure. After the 6 years and 7 months (!!) since we brought the acclaimed producer to Great Scott, we’re happy to see him remain

one of the most celebrated musicians of his generation

and be

one of music’s great minds operating in peak form.

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Mmmmaven/Bowery Boston announces Jon Hopkins – 7/13


The extraordinarily talented Jon Hopkins, a longtime friend of Mmmmaven, returns to Cambridge to headline The Sinclair on July 13th.

Hopkins is a London-based producer who has worked extensively with the likes of Brian Eno and Coldplay, with whom he toured in 2008 and 2009. His rich, atmospheric original productions have earned him heaps of accolades from Pitchfork, Resident Advisor, Mixmag and numerous others, as well as two Mercury Prize nominations. His latest LP, 2013’s Immunity, has been widely lauded as his finest yet.

Hopkins is also no stranger to Mmmmaven. He performed at the school’s launch party in 2011, and returned for its 2-year anniversary in November. He’s back in town this July, and based on his previous visits, it’ll be a night not to miss. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, and we advise you to grab them early.