Little Drummer Toy: Ableton’s Holiday-Themed Sequencer

Little Drummer Toy Ableton

Did you miss out on the holiday spirit? Well, Ableton sure has! Some “rogue elves” at Ableton created a free stocking-stuffer sized gift for anyone to use. Little Drummer Toy pairs you with someone else in the world, and the two of you edit using the 6 sequencers available to you. There is a sequencer for horns, drums, bells, etc.

The possible combinations are endless. The best part is, it is all done in your web browser.

**You may need to update to the latest version of your browser to use it.

To play with Little Drummer Toy, click here.

Ableton Little Drummer Toy

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Gift Ideas for DJs

Not sure what to get your disk jockeying loved one for the holidays? We’ve got a few tips to help you out.

Before getting flashy new gear, make sure your beloved DJ has everything they already need. Make sure they have a DJ controller or turntables, a mixer and all the necessary cables. No one can DJ without the proper equipment. If their listening to there mixes on some tiny blown speakers maybe invest in some studio monitors. I would suggest the KRK Rokit 5’sThey’re cheap, affordable, and powerful enough to portray the full frequency spectrum.

Laptop Stand– laptop stands are always useful. With a stand, your DJ can consolidate his setup into a perfect workstation. Stands are made by many different companies in many different styles.

Flash Drives-

You can never have enough storage space.

Digital DJs need flash drives for uploading their music to laptops and controllers. They come in a million shapes and sizes so its easy to find whats best for your DJ.

Light Shows, Lasers, etc.- Bring some showmanship to your DJ’s mixes with light displays. Everyone knows beats and trippy visuals go hand in hand. Light shows and lasers can vary greatly in price and design.

Custom Slipmats– This is perfect gift for turntable DJ’s. Get custom designs print for your beloved DJ so they can spin in style.

Midi Fighter 3d

If your DJ wants to bring their performance to a whole new level, this is the tool for them.

All buttons can be programmed to their liking and effects can be applied to the vertical and horizontal axis to allow them to physically lean the controller to control the effects.

Ableton Live– Bring your beloved DJ to the next step in their music career with Ableton Live Production software. If your DJ wants to learn to create their own sounds then this is where they should start. Ableton allows endless creation capabilities for sequencing, live performance, and sound design.

To learn about DJing for yourself, check out Mmmmaven’s DJ Courses! Until Christmas Day, gift certificates from Mmmmaven are 10% with the promotion code listed below. Good to be put towards all services and courses.


Gift Ideas for Producers

With the holiday season well underway, time is running out to get your beloved producer a gift they’ll love. Luckily we’re here to give you a few tips.

Producer Necessities:
These may not be the most fun gifts, but any needy producer will thank you greatly for some useful utilities.

External Hard Drive- Every laptop producer needs a backup for there precious work in case something happens to their computer. Theres nothing more discouraging than losing your handwork forever.

That’s why a new external hard drive is always a good buy. You can never have your work saved in too many places.

A New Desk- A clean work station leads to clean workflow. If your beloved producer is living in a cluttered mess of wires and controllers, you might wanna consider building them a new command center. As dull as a desk sounds, theres nothing cooler looking than a sweet and tidy studio set up.

Obviously, electronic musicians love synths. We can never get enough of them. Its an easy gift choice but with most quality products and vintage equipment, it usually comes at a hefty price. That why I would suggest:

Arturia MicroBrute– The MicroBrute is the younger brother of the MiniBrute but packs the same punch. This little synth is one of the most affordable analog synths on the market and a perfect gift for producers old and new.


With the rise of computer production, plug-ins are newest toys for producer and theres so many to choose from. Here’s a few bundles that will greatly expand your producers arsenal of tools.

Waves Gold Bundle– This bundle features all the necessities a producer will need for mixing along with a few other cool programs.

Izotope Ozone 6– An amazing plug in for experts and novices alike. With all the necessary tools to master their own tracks, your beloved producer will definitely thank you.


So you know a producer with a great sound but nothing that they can use to bring it to a live setting?

If they’re an Ableton user trying to bring their music to the stage than they will love these live controllers.

Akai APC MKII– The reincarnation of the acclaimed APC40. This little guy has all the features one needs to perform in Ableton Live.

Novation Launchpad S– The newest installment of the Launchpad. This colorful little square is perfect specifically  for launching scenes and clips in Ableton and is a little lighter on your wallet than the APC.

Of course all this can be augmented by our Production Courses. Use the certificate below to get 10% off all Mmmmaven courses and products until Xmas day!