Bob Moses on Ableton

Bob Moses Ableton Interview
Bob Moses is a two man music project consisting of Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance, hailing from Brooklyn, NY. They have distinguished themselves by their ability to flawlessly combine organic and electronic music, and their brand of pop-influenced Deep House has been well-received by fans. From their start on the Frank & Tony EPs on esteemed Scissor and Thread imprint in 2012 to 2015’s Days Gone By LP on Domino, the duo have come a long way. We’re no strangers to the sound of Bob Moses, as we’ve hosted the duo in Boston on a few occasions already, including Mmmmaven’s 4-Year Anniversary party, a night at Make It New, and a spot in the 2015 Together Festival.

Ableton makes it easy to layer sounds and samples quickly. We can record a loop from vinyl, time stretch it, pitch it up or down, cut bits out, totally change the groove…all in less than a minute. -Tom

Bob Moses are also big fans of Ableton Live, the Digital Audio Workstation software we teach in our music production courses, and use it extensively for both producing and performing music. The folks over at Ableton sat down for an interview with the two to discuss how they use Ableton Live as a part of their set-up. You can read the full interview here, and listen to some more of Bob Moses’ music below.

Interested in learning to use Ableton Live? Mitchell will take you all the way from programming your first drum loops and basslines to finishing up your own very own original track.

A Peak Inside The Mind Of #MakeItNew’s Own John Barera


For Mmmmaven artist John Barera, everything truly is about the music. The DJ and producer spends his weekdays invested in the business side of the music industry working for Supply Records, a vinyl label he co-founded in 2011. Then his nights and weekends are all about making music and playing live as a resident at both Make It New and Bossa Nova Civic Club’s Jack Dept. night in Brooklyn. There’s no denying Barera life revolves around music.


Ahead of playing a show at the Good Room in Brooklyn Saturday, Barera was featured on the night club’s blog, where he played an exclusive mix and talked about some of his inspirations. The artist is quick to stress that while his focus is on the techno and house scenes, he understands and respects the importance of various genres that have had some type of influence on his preferred genres in some capacity. By allowing these influences to sneak their way into his tracks and mixes, Barera created an undeniably unique and appealing sound.

I aim to make soulful dance music, I am influenced heavily by Detroit techno and I also love house music & disco. This makes up the foundation of my sound, but there are elements of electro, funk, reggae, rock, jazz & r&b as well.

Listen to Barera’s mix for the Good Room below and read the rest of the club’s interview with him over on their site. And if you couldn’t make it out to Brooklyn on Saturday to catch his set, don’t worry; Barera will be playing the Residents’ Night at Make It New this Thursday right in Cambridge at Middlesex Lounge.

Support John tonight! Click the image to be taken to his pop-up event tonight:


CMJ Photo Essay Recap


For CMJ this year, dosage we partnered up with bleeding-edge music site Portals and our friends at tastemaking Stadium and Shrines for a showcase of underground folk, viagra 60mg new-era soul and electronic ambiance. For the full beautiful sounds click over to our preview here.

The result was a special musical event inside a church in Brooklyn.

Thanks to them for letting us be a part of it. The resulting photosets surely made it look special. Click the image below to go inside the photo essays:


A lot of these musicians use Ableton to enhance their talent and make their sound utterly unique. Want to learn this incredible program? Email Sara today!

Hercvles and Love Affair this Sunday

HALA Tour USA -final.indd

Brooklyn party band Hercvles and Love Affair is coming to town and you should be excited. Why? Because they are an astonishing live experience. If you think dance music is some guy on stage with a laptop, get ready to get sexy. Witness their performance for Pitchfork Media’s “Don’t Look Down” session:

So there’s that. And then Boston’s disco don, the man, the myth, the legend King of Nothing: DJ Kon is opening. So, you know, bring a date:


And opening it all is our very own Charles Mazzola.

So see Kim Ann Foxman, Andy Butler and the gang this Sunday. Pro tip: Buy two tickets and invite a crush.