In/Fin/Ite presents: A Song for Echo at @MuseumOfScience


We at Mmmmaven are proud to announce the inclusion of one our own, Ricardo Donoso, in the exhibition A Song for Echo, on display this Thursday, 9/26 at the Museum of Science Charles Hayden Planetarium. The exhibition will be a one-off presentation of an experimental film by Brooklyn based visual artist Julie Nymann coupled with an original soundtrack consisting of emotive soundscapes composed by Donoso himself. A world premiere to be sure.

If you are unfamiliar with Ricardo’s output, we can get you up to speed.

Just last year, Ricardo was awarded a place among the best “Outer Sound Albums of 2012” by NPR for his work on Assimilating the Shadow, which also received a glowing review from Pitchfork.

Ricardo’s music trades in the hedonism for the ethereal while still leaving room for the dance floor.

Ricardo Donoso – Probing from Birch Cooper on Vimeo.

In reference to parties attended as a youth in Brazil, Donoso culls inspiration from the time “…around when the sun came up.” In fact, his music is all about time. Time and momentum. The lack of a 4/4 anchor (or anything resembling a drum) pulls the listener through a complex, synth-laden maze before bursting open into a hallucinatory, dream-like trance. Drums don’t build to a drop. Instead, layers weave in, out and around each other creating varying degrees of tension and release. These subtle shifts in timing and momentum are what propel Donoso’s soundscapes forward while the kicks and the claps take a well-deserved rest.

We got a sneak peak of the show and can truly say we were floored. Curator Alexis Avedesian did a supreme job of pairing Donoso up with Julie Nymann, whose original, natural video recordings set as a stark contrast to Ricardo’s elegantly electronic composition. The all original performance is one-time only and tickets can be purchased here for just $15. The audio/visual impact is that of a waking dream.

Listen to Ricardo’s mix for the internationally acclaimed Sonar festival and make plans to have your mind expanded a little bit at the Museum of Science Planetarium this Thursday night.

Featuring Julie Nymann and Ricardo Donoso
Museum of Science Charles Hayden Planetarium
1 Science Park, Boston, MA 02114
Thursday 9/26, 7:30pm
(Please arrive by 7:15 to ensure entry)

PS: With a MoS ticket stub, you are allowed free entry into our performance with Container at #MakeItNew later that evening. So it’s a win/win.

PPS: This same guest just remixed the mighty FourTet so you know things are going to get interesting.