Drum Racks and Programming Drums in Ableton Live

drum racks
Stop by our offices this Friday for our free workshop on Drum Racks and Programming Drums on Ableton Live with local musician and producer Mitchell Owens!

The Drum Rack in Ableton Live is a unique device that allows the producer to expand the ways in which they program MIDI drum parts in their tracks. With a similar look to pad based drum machines, sick the Drum Rack is a vital tool in any Ableton Live users arsenal. For drum pad playing enthusiasts, healing the Drum Rack is a great way to be creative and play not only Drums but full song arrangements as well. In this workshop we will go over the various components and features of the Drum Rack including the built in mixer, macros, and internal effect sends. We will also talk about creative ways to expand the capability of the Drum Rack by using other tools in Ableton Live like the Instrument Rack, and how to use the Drum Rack for more than just programming drum patterns.

About the instructor:

mitchMitchell Owens is a guitar player , sound designer, and electronic composer/producer from Durham, NC. He attended Berklee College of Music right here in Boston and has over 5 years of experience with Ableton Live producing and performing music under the moniker Subalias, as well as doing sound design and soundtrack composition for independent films and animations. Mitchell’s music blends the organic and synthetic for a balanced fusion inspired by sample based Hip­Hop, Downtempo, House, Funk and R&B. He believes in freedom of creation and expression and likes to cater to students’ specific needs in order to teach them the proper skills and techniques needed to achieve their musical goals.

Get Your DJ Mix Sounding Like The Pros #FREE [10/2]

DJ Hands Mixer

Each and every Friday, we’re proud to open the doors of our music school in Central Square for a FREE seminar, demo or meet-up. We’ll even throw a classical music concert or two. What’s in store this week? Let’s find out:

Are your mixes sounding flat? This week, instructor Chris Ward will teach you how to make your mixes sound like the pros. Using Ableton and Logic, Chris will discuss studio mixdown techniques that you can use to polish up your mix.


Chris Ward is the co-­founder and long time resident of Boston’s original and longest running dubstep night BASSIC Boston. He has over 10 years of experience organizing music events and getting behind a set of turntables.

As a kid he grew up on a steady diet of metal/hardcore, hip­-hop, and his parents’ collection from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s.

His love for music had him to making mixtapes on his parents cassette decks when he only in middle school. But, Chris’ interest in DJing didn’t come about till high school after attending some local events where he heard deejays spinning jungle. His desire for knowledge mixed with a little bit of OCD led him to start collecting records and watch his favorite deejays to learn as much as he could whenever possible. His passion for music, like his record collection spans far and wide from jazz to experimental and everything in between. Chris has opened for numerous artists, and has played at countless venues throughout the New England area. As a performer whether cutting and blending hip­hop to mixing dubstep or jungle on 3 decks Chris is obsessed with finding the perfect mix.

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MMMMaven Alumni Mix: DJ Ericcc


We present to you DJ Ericcc!

Erlon Araujo (AKA DJ Ericcc) is a Mmmmaven graduate with published mixes on soundcloud and a good ear for Tech House music. Before Mmmmaven, Erlon, was Djing a few gigs and decided to expand his horizon with our DJ class. Since then, he has performed at some birthday parties, and wishes play more gigs and host more parties.

I learned a lot and also i met some nice people. – DJ Ericcc

Below is his latest set called “Carioca’s Bday Set – 03/07/15” It features cool, new beats and smooth transitions.

To learn how to transition, mix, and/or create you own DJ set, contact Sarah at (617) 849-9321 and learn how Mmmmaven can be the perfect DJ & Audio Production School for you!

Free DJ Lesson Form HERE
DJ Ericcc’s Soundcloud

Ableton Live Meetup 1/9

Looking to boost your Ableton skills? On Friday, January 9, the Mmmmaven Project will be hosting their FREE monthly Ableton Live Meetup. These meetups allow aspiring musicians to fine tune their skills in both production and mixing with assistance from Mmmmaven instructors + special guests. They’re also a great opportunity to network with other musicians and get involved in Boston’s music scene.

Screenshot 2015-01-07 at 2.43.52 PM
This month’s topics include

  • Ableton live performance techniques w/ Wigzen
  • Making beats using hardware w/ Nanocannon
  • Frequency shifter & grain delay w/Ali Berger

For more information visit the event on Facebook or RSVP via MeetUp below:


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