Artists On The Rise: Bob Moses


Bob Moses is a deep house duo whose music will surely become a staple in every deep house fans catalogue. After getting their start on Francis Harris and Anthony Collins’ well-received Frank & Tony EPs, they released their debut, Hands To Hold, in 2012, which established for their pop infused house sound. Their next EP, 2013’s Far From The Tree, improved on this formula and featured last year’s Ibiza smash single “All I Want,” a benchmark for both Bob Moses and their record label, Scissor & Thread. Fresh off a headlining world tour and signed by Domino for a single and an upcoming album, Bob Moses has a bright future in the dance scene.

It’s not hard to understand the hubbub surrounding Bob Moses. Their music has a casual, easy brilliance, with a sexy smoulder that’s half borrowed from vintage Massive Attack and half inspired by Crosstown Rebels-style deep house.

Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance were only acquaintances when they met at high school in Vancouver’s Dunbar-Southlands neighborhood, but have now become best friends through music. Both Tom and Jimmy eventually ended up living in Brooklyn, New York, and ran into each other on the street by accident. Recognizing one another from their high school days, and finding out they both had studios in the Red Hook neighborhood, it didn’t take long before the two decided on pursuing a musical goal together.

“Jimmy and I had dinner and we were both pointing in a similar direction,” says Howie. “He was like, ‘Why don’t you just come to my studio and we’ll, like, just dick around and listen to music.”
The two spent nights listening to records, jamming and writing songs, which fostered a deep musical connection.

This article gives an in depth view on the origins of Bob Moses.

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