Make It New Related Guests Garner 9 Grammy Nominations

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Many would dismiss our weekly celebration of music as simply an “EDM” night, and they wouldn’t be wrong. Much of the music now is “electronic” (the first synthesizer was created in 1876), “dance” is what we do to music (see: moshing, breakdancing, the waltz) and music, is, well, music.

But after fourteen years of promoting new music every week, it was exciting to see the announcements of the 2016 GRAMMY nominees go to some familiar faces.

Jerome LOL and Samo Sound Boy make up DJ Dodger Stadium. Both of them have played our night individually. They co-produced the GRAMMY-nominated Kanye West song “Ultra Light Beam

On maybe an entirely different tip (or, maybe not?), there’s Alva Noto, who, along with Japanese legend Ryuichi Sakamoto, scored the Grammy-nominated The Revenant.

To be sure, nearly all the credit of Mr. Noto playing Make It New goes to the indomitable Non-Event, who hosted him and his label back in 2009. Maybe you should like them on Facebook.

Of course, a lion’s share of the Make It New-related GRAMMY-nominations come from the dance/electronic category (though we again emphasize we do not know exactly what that means anymore).

Bob Moses played Make It New in 2014 and have gone onto stunning heights, even playing daytime talk show Ellen. But that’s nothing compared to…

Yes, Flume. Clocking in hundreds of millions of YouTube plays, one of his first gigs on American soil was at Make It New. But wait…

Do you like Paul McCartney? We prefer John ourselves (and, well, George … and maybe Ringo tbqh) but hey, Make It New guest Timo Maas has been nominated for a remix he did of Sir Paul!

Joe Goddard of Hot Chip was also nominated for a GRAMMY for his extended remix of the Chemical Brothers. He played Make It New (as one half of the Two Bears) after Hot Chip played the House of Blues last year. Ask us the story of how we might have inadvertently introduced Hot Chip to techno back in the day.

But wait! You say, that is only 7… Well…

We did say “related,” right? Back in 2008, we had a hand in bringing Diplo to Great Scott. And, for a ninth credit, Wes a/k/a Diplo is nominated ALSO for album of the year via Beyonce.

To be fair, if we extended all our tentacles through the GRAMMY process, we’d likely come up with many other connections.

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Bob Moses on Ableton

Bob Moses Ableton Interview
Bob Moses is a two man music project consisting of Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance, hailing from Brooklyn, NY. They have distinguished themselves by their ability to flawlessly combine organic and electronic music, and their brand of pop-influenced Deep House has been well-received by fans. From their start on the Frank & Tony EPs on esteemed Scissor and Thread imprint in 2012 to 2015’s Days Gone By LP on Domino, the duo have come a long way. We’re no strangers to the sound of Bob Moses, as we’ve hosted the duo in Boston on a few occasions already, including Mmmmaven’s 4-Year Anniversary party, a night at Make It New, and a spot in the 2015 Together Festival.

Ableton makes it easy to layer sounds and samples quickly. We can record a loop from vinyl, time stretch it, pitch it up or down, cut bits out, totally change the groove…all in less than a minute. -Tom

Bob Moses are also big fans of Ableton Live, the Digital Audio Workstation software we teach in our music production courses, and use it extensively for both producing and performing music. The folks over at Ableton sat down for an interview with the two to discuss how they use Ableton Live as a part of their set-up. You can read the full interview here, and listen to some more of Bob Moses’ music below.

Interested in learning to use Ableton Live? Mitchell will take you all the way from programming your first drum loops and basslines to finishing up your own very own original track.

Desert Sound Colony Added to 4-Year Anniversary Show at @TheSinclair


We’re excited to announce that a special guest has been added to our fourth-anniversary show at The Sinclair on Saturday October 3rd

and that person is Desert Sound Colony.

Screenshot 2015-09-03 at 1.40.27 PM

If you caught his appearance at our special Together Boston after-hours this year you know how well his vibey, hypnotic grooves can set the scene for a perfect night out.

Being that @DSColony was signed by Frank and Tony, you know its good. Add to that headliners Bob Moses, an 18+ age restriction, and just a $12 cost and we’d encourage you to buy two. Click here for the ticket link.

Seriously awesome backdrop last night. Thanks @metural for the pic. #nyc #scissorandthread

A photo posted by @desertsoundcolony on

See you Saturday October 3rd!

Three Reasons Not to Miss Bob Moses at MIN Tonight (11/6)

10710583_728383543917452_2937099182962462191_nThe smoldering Deep House duo Bob Moses will be playing live tonight (11/6) at Make It New. Here’s three reasons not to miss out.

1: Bob Moses is incredibly smooth.
You’re not gonna wanna miss these guys. Their music features smokey vocals, hypnotic looping melodies and a certain kind progression that evolves to soaring heights while sitting in a stagnant haze. Their music is all at once deep, bluesy, and danceable.

2: This is the duo’s first international tour.
These two guys are picking up steam fast. Interest quickly started picking up after the release of the group’s sultry sophomore ep “Far From The Tree.” The buzz from the album soon landed them a deal with Domino Records and tour dates around the world.

3: Make It New hasn’t had a live headliner in quite a while.
Make It New has always been home to amazing DJ sets but tonight you can get a little something extra. Bob Moses features a live singer, live guitar and laptop performance. If you’re tired of DJ sets but love some deep house, then this is the show for you.

Thusday 11/6/14
door tickets only.
$15 all night
doors at 9pm
Don’t miss out

Interested in learning some production skills for yourself? Check out Mmmmaven’s Production Courses!