Ableton Live Meetup 8/21


Interested in boosting your knowledge of Ableton?  On Friday, August 21st, the Mmmmaven Project will be hosting their FREE monthly Ableton Live Meetup.  These meetups allow musicians of all levels to fine tune their producing and mixing skills in Ableton Live with the help of Mmmmaven instructors and special guests.

These meetups are also a great opportunity to network with other musicians and get involved in Boston’s music scene.

Production Classroom

This month’s topics are:

Sound Design w/ Hardware Synthesizers in Ableton Live taught by Mitchell Owens, Berklee graduate, sound designer and electronic composer/producer from Durham, North Carolina.

Synthesizer petting zoo

Interested in learning to DJ or produce music with Ableton Live?  Click here for more information on Mmmmaven and available courses.

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Preorder Ricardo Donoso’s Deterrence and Saravá Exu


As our most studious and considerable composers, we’re please to share with you the announcement from Berlin-based Denovali of Ricardo Donoso’s two releases available for pre-order now.


Ricardo Donoso is a composer, percussionist and electronic musician from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil who currently resides in Boston. After having studied composition at Berklee College of Music and New England Conservatory he has participated in a slew of projects over the years, most notably playing drums for avant-death metal unit Ehnahre and being one half of the ever morphing electronic duo Perispirit. Ricardo’s musical vocabulary draws as much from contemporary composition, drone, to techno and noise.

A year before exploding onto the electronic music scene in 2011 with the critically acclaimed Progress Chance, Ricardo Donoso’s debut release Deterrence was issued as an extremely limited cassette edition – a through-composed ambient piece, Deterrence is stripped of all the rhythmic flux which he has become known for.

Considered by many in underground circles to be a true masterwork of the Dark Ambient genre, Deterrence is often times compared to works by artists such as Lustmord, Biosphere & Deathprod. Denovali is pleased to finally present this much needed reissue, five years from its inception.

It’s a fitting time for Deterrence to see the light of day, as it lets us explore Donoso’s roots as a composer, both musically & thematically. With the simultaneous release of his new opus Sarava Exu one can’t help but connect the dots from some of the foundations laid out on Deterrence; the glacial drones underpinning melodic flourishes on the surface, the patience and pacing of each movement and the use of space, sound design and texture in equal balance with the harmonic and melodic content. While always pushing forward, Donoso manages to maintain with each release his cinematic grandeur, an elegant narrative arc and a truly singular and dramatic tone.

Deterrence is a small, yet important window into the one of contemporary electronic music’s most unique voices.


In contrast with the continual pursuit of achievement, that today’s culture teaches us, the theme of descent, found in many myths in the shape of the hero going underground to pass a period of solitude, is no longer represented. A cultural space existed in most traditional societies for such a period in a person’s life and it was seen as necessary in order for the initiate to re-connect with their past and concomitantly with his collective unconscious, or humanity’s primordial existence.

“Sarava Exu” was written throughout such a period – one of deliberate isolation and expressed and channeled through the sacred esoteric rituals of the Brazilian cult of Quimbanda.

The musical suite moves through the Seven Lines & Kingdoms of Quimbanda incorporating traditional Candomblé rhythms, Brazilian percussion, noise as well as classical string instruments, all elements from Donoso’s past, re-examined & re-interpreted. “Sarava Exu” is a symphonic poem of a Quimbanda ritual and the musical accompaniment of Descent into one’s own personal hell.

Certainly Donoso’s most ambitious and challenging undertaking to date, but those who spend the time with it and uncover the layers underneath will be rewarded. If Assimilating The Shadow was the theory, Sarava Exu is the practice – a postscript addendum thats not an aimless or destructive fall into the abyss, but a meaningful restoration.

The way towards wisdom suggested by Exu is one of hellfire and brimstone, one of ruthless honesty and bravery, where the most vicious of all enemies is yourself

Ricardo Donoso "The Bow and The Lyre" from Digitalis Industries on Vimeo.

Deterrence Vinyl
::: thick sleeve + thick printed inner sleeves + 180g vinyl
::: download code
::: limited edition: 150x silver vinyl
::: regular edition: black vinyl
::: price: 17.00 Euro

Sarava Exu Vinyl
::: thick gatefold cover + special 3D print + 180g vinyl
::: download code
::: limited edition: 150x clear vinyl
::: regular edition: black vinyl
::: price: 17.00 Euro

::: nice digipack sleeves
::: price: 13.00 Euro

Women Technology and Creativity Symposium


The Berklee community is invited to a symposium featuring some of the industry’s top producers, engineers, DJs, and beatmakers—all women who are innovative leaders in using technology to make music. Women, Technology, and Creativity This greater Berklee community is invited to the morning sessions in the Loft – which consists of students, alumni, faculty, staff, and Pro Arts Consortium school students: Boston Architectural College, The Boston Conservatory, Emerson College, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. RSVP is required.

Afternoon workshops will be held in Studio One in Berklee’s new 160 Massachusetts Avenue building, one presented by legendary artist Nona Hendryx (Labelle, Talking Heads) and one by indie rapper and producerK.Flay. Morning sessions in the Loft feature faculty members Chrissy Tignor(Bastille, Notting Hill Music) and Erin Barra (Ableton product specialist, Beats by Girlz creator).

A morning panel brings together Hendryx, K.Flay, faculty members Susan Rogers (Prince, David Byrne), Leanne Unger (Holly Cole, Guster, the Temptations), Chrissy Tignor-Fisher, songwriting chair Bonnie Hayes (Bonnie Raitt, Cher), and moderator Ani Johnson (MonoMyth Media).

The panel will examine how women use music technology, the challenges they face, and the ways in which women are currently taking up these tools to create, work, play, and inspire.

Women, Technology, and Creativity is sponsored by Ableton, Waves, Novation, Focusrite, Moog, and Berklee’s Office for Diversity and Inclusion.

Ricardo Donoso Goes In for Mysteries Of The Deep


“He probably held too tightly
(In the palm of his hand,
Looking out on the sea)

To the sand the wind
Was taking, grain by grain —

He who holds a fear
Of becoming mist.”

With the advent of technology, electronic music (or what we around here refer to as ‘music’) has become very much a chameleon. It can be ambient, jazzy or extra-fast. It can powerfully propel live music just as it can fill background sound with vibes. Buzzsaw, breakbeats, hip-hop, found sound or electronic disco, there’s always a new genre on the come up because “electronic music” can be molded to do almost anything.

Maybe no one in Boston knows this better than Brookline’s Ricardo Donoso. Having established a worldwide reputation for sound design and electronic music composition, Ricardo has clearly brought his Berklee-trained talent to new heights by throwing himself into the wiring.

And here we go again, another mix, another uniquely-designed sonic body of water our head can go swimming in. This time, he works with Mysteries of the Deep, a podcast series. The series has gone on to such acclaim they are holding an “live sensory event” in New York City at a secret location on Friday October 10th.

Inside the mix you’ll find his two aliases, his own and Scuba Death, in addition to 16 other tracks from artists that share his propensity for using tools to craft a kind of technologic ethnicity.

Click around the tracklisting below to get to know Ricardo and his friends. And turn the lights down or close your eyes with this one. It arcs through ambient grooves, plumbs the depths of submariner sound only to emerge awash with brilliant sunlight.

1. Koenraad Ecker – Decline (Digitalis)
2. Badawi – Tired Soldiers (Asphodel)
3. Eric Holm – Høyvika (Subtext)
4. Scuba Death – Helium Tremors (Further)
5. Roly Porter – Cloud (Subtext)
6. Milton Bradley – Reality is Wrong (Prologue)
7. Monolake – Plumbicon [Rebreather Mix] (Imbalance)
8. Yves De Mey – Disperse (Semantica)
9. Xhin – Claw Eyes (Semantica)
10. Edit Select – Distance (Prologue)
11. Recondite – Equilibrium (Dystopian)
12. Donato Dozzy – K1 (Further)
13. Ricardo Donoso – Child Primitive (Digitalis)
14. Yuka – Snow Fox (Pro-Tez)
15. Regis – Falling the Same Way (Sandwell District)
16. Antix – Box of Birds (Iboga)
17. Jo Johnson – In the Shadow of the Workhouse (Further)
18. Pilotpriest – Thief / Body Double (self-released)

Maybe make plans to visit NYC in October? As Ricardo himself put it:

“Gonna be sick, Alessandro‘s new record is dope.”

Turns out we actually wrote about Alessandro just last week.