The Ultimate Guide to Every Berlin Club

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via EBNet: “Those of us who live in Berlin know that the city is unparalleled in terms of its nightlife offerings. But for people who are new to the clubbing capital, traveling through, or just want a change of pace, some lesser-known but wonderful music institutions might pass under the radar.

Most of us know to queue up at Tresor or Berghain for an epic night out. But if you’re looking for a different experience—like a sex party at KitKatClub, a punk show at Urban Spree, or a laid-back drink at the rooftop bar Klunkerkranich—then we recommend you consult the list below.”

Read on for nearly 50 suggestions for where you—or your visiting tourist friends—should go when you’re out in Berlin.

Can make it to Berlin? #MakeItNew is each and every Thursday.

Make It New with Len Faki [THU 2/18]

One of the DJs we’ve been pursuing since our inception 11 years ago (and we’ve been close before!), we’re now proud to present:

– An original resident DJ at the world’s most famous techno nightclub.
– A producer of tracks that have sawn the doors off of nightclubs around the world.
– A manager and owner of numerous labels that have premiered even more paint-peeling jams.
– A 3 CDJ mixmaster who uses decks and effects to ensure no DJ set is the same.

He goes by the name Len Faki.

Of course I’m going to continue doing this as long as I can. Ok, maybe I’ve had to take up sport and look after myself more, but I will carry on because I am blessed to have this life. I love music. When I was little I slept with my Walkman and it drove my parents crazy, but I couldn’t stop them and I still just can’t stop. Sure I get tired some days, but I’m never bored or mad at it. This is what I love.

Mmmmaven and SoundScape Present:
Make It New with Len Faki
w/ resident Baltimoroder
Thursday, February 18th
Middlesex Lounge
315 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA

You can listen to some of his music on Soundcloud below, and make sure to come out on Thursday the 18th to watch him make it new.

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Claire Danes Talks Berlin and Bad Techno on The Ellen Show


In case you didn’t go on the internet yesterday, actress Claire Danes appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres and discussed her new-found love of clubbing, especially the legendary Berlin nightclub Berghain.

So Berlin is known for its techno and its clubs, which I thought I had a real aversion to, I thought heavy metal and techno were the two genres that I had no kind of tolerance for, right? You’ll go to Berlin and you might change your mind. You get sucked in – they have this incredible club called Berghain which is world-renowned.

Blogs chimed in on the event (Dancing Astronaut, Mixmag), but it’s worth watching to see for yourself, especially when Claire criticizes Ellen’s choice of music:

Berghain was discussed just yesterday on our blog as a source of inspiration for one of our former students. Seems she wasn’t the only one.

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MMMMaven Graduate Byoosik Brings Berlin to Boston with Her Dark Techno


Biyeun Buczyk, viagra 40mg better known as Byoosik while in the DJ booth, vcialis 40mg came into the world of deep electronic music in perhaps the greatest city to do so: Berlin. Without any real knowledge of techno beforehand, Buczyk traveled to her family’s homeland of Germany in 2012 with the intention of discovering everything Berlin’s music scene had to offer. After exploring world-renowned clubs like Tresor and Berghain, she came back to Boston eager to start making music in the same vein as the deep techno she experienced in Germany. All that she needed was a place to do so.


“[Berlin] was my first time hearing proper techno and house – I was hooked. Where [had] this been all my life? How can I find more of it? How can I make it? Can I find something like this in Boston?”

“Lucky for me, MMMMaven is right across the street from where I work,” Buczyk recalls. “I popped in for an open house one day and finally, a year after returning from Berlin, I decided to enroll in their production course.”

After graduating from MMMMaven’s DJ Program, Production Program, and Synthesis Program, Buczyk decided it was time to take her newfound electronic music knowledge and start a reoccurring techno-based night of music in Boston. This resulted in the founding of VAULT, which happens on the second Tuesday of every month at Middlesex Lounge.

“VAULT features Deep and Dark Dance Vibes—techno-focused, but not techno-only, because I believe a musical story cannot be told with only one kind of sound,” Buczyk emphasizes. “I of course drew a lot of inspiration for VAULT from my experiences in Berlin, but I also use it as a forum to explore my other interests in electronics hacking and visual arts and using that to ‘synthesize’ what I was hearing.”

Every day I’m digesting new music, refining my library, building electronics […] or finding and creating visuals for the event. It’s a lot to do, and at times it’s been overwhelming, but I’m starting to find a groove.

Thanks to Buczyk’s commitment, Bostonians now have a monthly event that fulfills the desire for a night out at Berghain without the hefty price tag of a round trip ticket to Germany, which the MMMMaven graduate can’t help but be proud of. She fondly recalls one night when her set was winding down and “one of the remaining dancers came up […] and said, “These vibes. They really feel like Berlin.” I could only smile.”

Photo courtesy of the VAULT Facebook page

Buczyk has accomplished quite a lot since she started DJing a little over two years ago. Her success can no doubt be credited to her daily dedication to her craft, which she advises all new producers and DJs to do as well. “Work on something a little every day. Dig for new sounds and music every day,” Buczyk stresses.

The hardest part is getting started, but after a while things will start to click. The pace will pick up, and if you keep at it, things will start to fall into place. There are no shortcuts, only hard work. So you better love it, or you’ll burn out fast.

If you’re like Buczyk and want to start creating the electronic music you’ve come to love, schedule a tour of the MMMMaven school today.