How to Beatmatch with DJ Rugged One


MMMMAVEN’s DJ Program instructor DJ Rugged One teaches how to beat match records by ear. While he is demonstrating using Serato and control vinyl in this particular tutorial, the same method applies when mixing vinyl records.

Rugged One, (an ardent Dallas Cowboy fan, fwiw!) still finds the time to teach our weekend courses.

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Vinyl Sets Are Alive And Well Thanks To KC Mackey


From jam bands hidden among the Michigan oak trees of Rothbury Festival to hardcore bands hidden in the basements of punk houses in Allston, Mmmmaven graduate KC Mackey has always enjoyed the thrill of the chase when it comes to finding new music. So it should come as no surprise that she is drawn to playing vinyl sets, which require an intimate knowledge of one’s music and the perpetual search for new records to spin.

My goal is to master beat matching vinyl so smoothly, know my record collection so intimately, and be able to read crowds and vibes so well, that I can take a crate of records and just let people’s energy lead my whole sound from the beginning to the end of the set. I love playing songs [people] know and love, mixed with songs they probably never heard but will probably love!

Billing herself at “Pink0,” Mackey has started bringing her carefully curated vinyl sets to the general public as of late. She recently spun at ZuZu’s weekly Zuesday event, where she featured an impressive slew of records that perfectly complimented the event’s general atmosphere. Relying on the mood on the dance floor to guide her, Pink0 managed to keep the crowd going late into the night.

“The timing for my Zuesday set was perfect, because my friend who was moving had just given me a free crate of about 50 hip hop singles,” Mackey reflects. “Zuesday is known for hip-hop, R&B, booty bass, dancehall, reggaeton, and I try and stay true to the vibe of the night […] When I’m really in the groove, I like to freestyle and follow my gut, and it usually works out better than I expect!”

Mackey’s innate ability to feed off the crowd perhaps stems from her inherent love for the entire dance music culture. She got her first taste of the scene as a junior in high school after seeing Party Monster, a film about the infamous Michael Alig that has become an essential part of the club kid canon. “I bought the soundtrack and looked up more stuff by Miss Kittin, Stacey Q, and Felix da Housecat,” she remembers.

“I wanted to be a club kid so bad!”

In the years since, Mackey’s involvement with dance music has waxed and waned, but she found her permanent place in the scene after graduating from college. “I started going to clubs and getting super into house music and getting into the DIY music scene and listening to tracks by local producers, and mixes by local DJs” Mackey says.

I wanted to learn to DJ because I wanted to facilitate for other people what DJs and producers and musicians have always facilitated for me- a context for losing one’s self to dance and feeling good in one’s body and bonding with people by wiggling around like freaks together.

The more experience Pink0 gets as a live DJ, the more insight she gains into finding her own niche within Boston’s electronic music scene. “I [want] to commit myself to all-vinyl because I don’t see it as much, and I want to see more of it,” Mackey explains. “People said it’s impractical, but I really enjoy the skill of it! Plus, there’s always [going to] be some fun people who love vinyl and want it for their nights, and it feels exciting to now be in their pool of options for DJs.”

After the thrill she experienced from her set at Zuzu’s, Mackey has no plans to slow down when it comes to her DJing career. She’s bringing her vinyl skills to Middlesex on November 11 opening for another Mmmmaven grad, Byoosik, at Vault. If you can’t wait until then, you can also catch Mackey DJing between sets at Midway Cafe’s Substructure event on October 28.


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MMMMaven Alumni Mix: DJ Ericcc


We present to you DJ Ericcc!

Erlon Araujo (AKA DJ Ericcc) is a Mmmmaven graduate with published mixes on soundcloud and a good ear for Tech House music. Before Mmmmaven, Erlon, was Djing a few gigs and decided to expand his horizon with our DJ class. Since then, he has performed at some birthday parties, and wishes play more gigs and host more parties.

I learned a lot and also i met some nice people. – DJ Ericcc

Below is his latest set called “Carioca’s Bday Set – 03/07/15” It features cool, new beats and smooth transitions.

To learn how to transition, mix, and/or create you own DJ set, contact Sarah at (617) 849-9321 and learn how Mmmmaven can be the perfect DJ & Audio Production School for you!

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DJ Ericcc’s Soundcloud

Mmmmaven to Host DJ Workshops With Girls Rock Boston [WED 7/16]

This Wednesday, our very own Leah V will teach some of the cool young ladies at Girls Rock Boston the art of DJing. This will be our second year teaming up with the organization, which aims to empower girls with self-expression, confidence, and collaboration through musical education and performance.

There will be two sessions: 12:30 – 2:30 PM and 2:45 – 4:15 PM. Leah will teach students how to beat match and let them get their hands on the gear involved with DJing. The workshops will take place at Spontaneous Celebrations in Jamaica Plain. The picture below from last year’s workshops gives a tiny glimpse of what to expect!

Girls Rock Boston

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