3 Reasons to #MakeItNew with Jackmaster


We’ve said it before, but we might as well say it again. Jack is back in town and he’s “just a DJ.”

But oh what a DJ. Here are three reasons to bring a sawbuck to Middlesex Lounge before 11pm to catch one of the greatest DJs in the world today.

1. He’s got his protege in tow

For this US excursion, Jack is packing a secret weapon. His young Glaswegian padwan Jasper James (waving the powerful Optimo Trax crest) has already been featured on the world-famous Essential Mix. James is the son of one of the owners of the world-famous Sub Club and was taught to DJ when he was 13 years old.

If there’s one thing that’s more exciting than Jackmaster, it’s a younger, hungrier Jackmaster.

2. Satisfaction Guaranteed

The last time Jack came to town, people left … exhausted. “I just apparently left my brain elsewhere,” “What a f*ckin’ party last nite! Thanks dudes!” “SERIOUSLY” “Jackmaster is the business!” was just a few of the replies. Someone even left a video as feedback:

There “Ain’t No Other Man” quite like Jack.

3. The Ceaseless, Unrelenting Groove

When Jack was asked to do the BBC’s world-famous Essential Mix show, he was obviously flattered to the end. As a kid growing up in Glasgow, being handed the Essential Mix is one of the highest honors a UK kid could have. The 20+ year-old show has a list of presenters unlike any other in modern dance music history. So what did Jack do with his time in the honorable spotlight?

He put the hammer down and never let go:

From world-class parties like A Club Called Rhonda to Output in Brooklyn and Lights Down Low in San Francisco (and ending on NYE at Fabric London), he’s coming to rock the Middlesex Lounge tonight.

And there’s no missing it.

Screenshot 2014-11-20 at 2.37.39 PM

Marcel Dettmann in the Essential Mix

Herr Dettmann visited Make It New back in 2009, on a wintry January night, with a big assist to Will Lynch. This was back when #MakeItNew was under the control of our sawtooth brand Basstown. Pictures of that landmark night are here.

Surprisingly, this is the first Essential Mix from the 15 year-old Berlin resident DJ and producer. As he explains it, the first hour of this Essential mix is meant to represent the first hour of the night in the mix. Say, 11pm-Midnight Berlin time. The second half is meant to represent the final hour of the weekend, so like 11am-Noon. The mood is staunchly Berlin: moody techno delivered in a minimal yet dynamic mix.

Tracklisting below. Click around and explore the crate of this techno titan.

Area Forty_one – Reminiscence – DELSIN RECORDS
L.B. Dub Corp – Take A Ride (Feat. Benjamin Zephaniah) (Original Mix) – OSTGUT TON
Conforce – Abundance Of Selves – DELSIN RECORDS
Tobias Freund – Fast Null – OSTGUT TON
Rolando – Time Adjustment – ROLAND ROCHA RECORDS
Reade Truth – Blessing Of Luh – N S Y D E
Prince of Denmark – Your Body – FORUM
Planetary Assault Systems – Riot In Silo 12 – MOTE EVOLVER
Physical Therapy – Million Years Crushed (Norman Nodge Remix) – ALLERGY SEASON
Ø [Phase] – Self Deceit – TOKEN RECORDS
Laibach – Eurovision (Remix) – WHITE LABEL
Esteban Adame – Rise & Shine – EPM MUSIC
Chris Clark – Superscope – WARP RECORDS
Dario Zenker – WM2 – WHITE LABEL
Joey Anderson – Come Behind The Tree – SYNCROPHONE RECORDINGS
Marcel Dettmann – Apron (Luke Slater PAS Remix) – WHITE LABEL
Marcel Dettmann – Seduction (Anthony Parasole Remix) – OSTGUT TON
Marco Shuttle – Sing Like A Bird – TIME TO EXPRESS
Mike Storm and GRG – Rainy Mondays – ORBIS RECORDS
L.B. Dub Corp – Nearly Africa – OSTGUT TON
Crystal Maze – Orchidea Nera – ECHOVOLT
Dillon – A Matter Of Time (Marcel Dettmann Remix) – WHITE LABEL
XDB – Ganivon (Answer Code Request Remix) – DOLLY
Staffan Linzatti – View From The Collapsing Centre – BALANS HOLLAND
Orlando Voorn – Gain Upwards – WHITE LABEL
Louis Haiman – Ghost Of Gratiot – PLAZA IN CROWD

Think you can become a DJ and producer like Marcel? Go from Make It New all the way to the essential mix? There’s only one way to find out. Get inside the lab today.