Ableton Live Meet-up [1/29] #FREE


Two of our Ableton Instructors are presenting at this free meetup on Friday, January 29th:

Using Max for Live BeatSeeker with a modular synthesizer

Mitchell Owens, Mmmmaven Instructor will discuss the new Max for Live device, BeatSeeker, has opened up a new avenue for live performers to sync their Live sessions with the “push and pull” of a live drummer. However, BeatSeeker is capable of much more than just syncing your sessions tempo to a drummers groove, it can read any rhythmic audio input and adjust your Live sessions tempo accordingly.

During the workshop we will explore BeatSeeker and its functionality, as well as some basic synthesis in the context of a modular synthesizer environment. Then we will explore the possibilities of syncing a Live session with an ever evolving modular synthesizer patch.

The Effects you Don’t Use in Ableton Live

Damian Silva, Mmmmaven instructor will give an overview of most unused effects in Ableton Live including Corpus.

Get tickets and RSVP here:

BASSIC celebrates its 7th year [Fri 6/13]


On Friday the 13th come party with BASSIC at Good Life Boston. This event marks their seventh year running and they’ve brought in Mumdance (here all the way from the UK), Wheez-ie, and Dev/Null.

Wheez-ie will also be celebrating his new record label, Southern Belle. He was recently added a song to the Fools Gold Records’ Clubhouse series, a collection of new (and free to download!) dance records. Hear his mind-altering contribution, “Deadbolt,” here:

Other featured artists include Banana Seat (Durkin + Ghostdad), Solidisco, and Simply Ded.

RSVP to the Facebook event for more information! And listen to Mumdance’s “Twists and Turns” to get a taste of what’s in store:

Damian Silva, one of Bassic’s founders, now in our DJ lab. Learn from the pros here at Mmmmaven.

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Mmmmaven Recharge Lounge: Music Tech Workshops [5/12]


Every weekday during the Together Festival, you can head over to Mmmmaven studios to relax, listen to music, charge your devices, and participate in awesome workshops.

On Monday, ToUch Performance Art will have a Masterclass Workshop for Collaborative Artists, followed by “Integrating Hardware & Software w/ Ableton Live,” hosted by Damian from Bassic Boston.

ToUch Performance Art’s workshop works with one of the main focuses of the Together festival: collaboration. It’s recommended that musicians bring their instrument for the live collaboration session during the workshop. The masterclass will cover production track analysis, how to build escalating rhythms & riffs, call-and-response between musicians, and more collaboration techniques.

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Then Damian will teach about working with hardware and software in Ableton Live. He will cover MIDI and Control Voltage control voltage comparison, Using hardware synths and effects processors with Ableton and Integrating hardware controllers (Maschine, Keyboard, Electronic Drum Kits) into software based studio.

For a list of all of the Mmmmaven workshops and other cool Mmmmaven events, click here.