Make It New with Robag Wruhme [THU 2/4]

Make it New w/ Robag Wruhme
One of the greatest accomplishments of #MakeItNew’s 11-year career was hosting the US debut of the amazing Wighnomy Brothers. It was a long-time coming as founder David Day had contributed to a film that included the duo (Speaking in Code) and Wruhme’s Hamlet-sampling “Wuzzlebud KK” blew our minds back in 2004 (early guest Bryan Kasenic aka DJ Spinoza dropped it to a raptourous extent).

The duo of Robag Wruhme and Monkey Mafia closed the night lacing in the entire acceptance speech of Barack Obama over house beats and soulful echoes. It was pretty incredible.

Why is all this relevant?

Because now, Robag is back.

We’re happy to host the return of this Jena, DE wunderkind. Robag’s meticulous style and his deliberate dedication to the mix is all a rooted in his hip-hop technique. A public screening of Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo in his then-communist hometown set his talent on a path that now holds him as one of the finest techno selectors in the game today.

Needless to say: We’re gushing.

with residents John Barera and BaltiMoroder
Thu February 4th
Middlesex Lounge
315 Massachusetts Ave.
Central Square Cultural District
Cambridge, MA

Listen to Robag’s playful New Year’s mix to get yourself acclimated while you wait, and make sure to RSVP on Facebook!

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