Make It New with Matthew Dear (DJ Kicks Release Party)

A man of many musical hats, Texas born, Detroit raised Matthew Dear has a wide reaching discography that takes in face melting techno as Jabberjaw, dark avant-pop under his own name and intricate minimal as Audion. Often with a gothic slant and full of curiousness, his pensive but playful music is an intoxicating distillation of many different influences, often with his own stylized vocals at the center.

“There are snippets of friends and family strewn throughout the mix. A lot of the vocal interludes you hear are from a portable recorder I’ve carried with me over the years.”

As co-founder of both Ghostly International and Spectral Sound, Matthew Dear has also been responsible for some of the underground scene’s most exciting new music, plenty of which appears here. Now more than 15 years, five albums and 20 EPs into his esteemed and always evolving career, Dear is exactly the sort of fascinating character that makes the very personal DJ-Kicks series so special.

Included along the way are three brand new and exclusive cuts from Dear himself, one under his own name and two as Audion. They are typically weird and intriguing cuts that tie the whole unhinged and freaky mix together. Also helping to add to the left-of-centre afterparty vibe are inclusions by artists as diverse as Thatmanmonkz and Matrixxmann, ItaloJohnson and Pearson Sound, Randomer and Simian Mobile Disco.

“I always have a lot of unreleased music laying around, those I included on here seemed to fit. A mix like this is always a good place to showcase my own productions, but I didn’t want to oversaturate it with my own stuff.”

Wholly timeless yet totally of its time, this is the first new work from Dear in a while. Once again, though, it proves that he is a master of subversion; someone who can head down a brain frying techno warren then effortlessly onto raw machine grooves via left of centre synth ditties and kaleidoscopic house music. In his considered hands, they all make perfect sense.

“I wanted to create a mix that could be listened to anywhere, and reflect a little bit of everything that I play. Whether you’re in your car, preparing to open the club, or having a bottle of wine with friends at home, this mix is for you.”

Make It New with Matthew Dear (DJ Kicks Release Party) [2/16]
with resident Mike Swells

Thursday Feb 16, 2017
Middlesex Lounge
Cambridge, MA
9pm / 21+ $10 before 10:30 / $20 after

Explore New Sonic Depths With Matthew Dear At Make It New


There’s no denying that good things come in threes, order especially in the case of Matthew Dear and his third time around on the decks at Make It New. He’s coming back to Mmmmaven’s weekly party at Middlesex Lounge this Thursday after two previous, well received sets in past years and it’s definitely not something to miss.

Dear’s specific musical style is hard to pin down. He traverses a sonic spectrum drawing influences from techno to indie, with an emphasis on bone-chilling tonal elements and eerie vocals.

There’s an industrial element to his rhythms, building in intensity as melodic layers are added and subtracted with undeniable precision.

At times, his music even descends into an auditory explosion of sorts, evoking a sense of mayhem as reverbed vocals and pulsing beats fight against each other at the song’s climax, before ultimately reaching a cathartic resolution.

With that said, it’s not unlike Dear to mix it up and throw some harder techno tracks into his mix, as influences from his side project under the moniker Audion leak in.

These harder components no doubt lend themselves well to the element of suspense that Dear’s sets so heavily rest on.

He is by no means the producer that lets the drop come right when the audience wants it. Instead, his intricate rhythms ebb and flow, colliding into each other before finally succumbing to an audible apex.

Whether you’re a Make It New veteran or someone just looking to have a fun Thursday night, Dear is not something to be missed.

With tracks as gothic as they are pop, as minimal as they are complex, and as jarring as they are liberating, there’s definitely something in Dear’s sets for everyone.

Make It New with Matthew Dear [11/12]


When a talent like Matthew Dear asks to come back to play our party we know we’re doing something right.

Or, rather, we know YOU’RE doing something right.

Welcome the Ghostly International stalwart back as he fixes the decks for a third time at #MakeItNew

Whether it’s his outstanding collabs with the likes of Tiga, his production at the cutting-edge as Audion, or the DJ sets that light thousands on fire, Dear brings a quality musical mix experience each and every time he touches the controls.

w/ residents John Barera and Baltimoroder
Thu 11/12
Middlesex Lounge
315 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA
Central Square Cultural District

Daniel Avery gets remixed by Matthew Dear

daniel avery
Photo by Steve Gullick

Matthew Dear’s “club oriented alias” Audion has released a remix of U.K. producer Daniel Avery’s “Need Electric.” From our main man Philip Sherburne:

The new remix finds the two musicians in full-on mind-meld mode. Whereas Audion’s “Sky” already sounded like a tribute to Avery’s raving-at-the-edge-of-the-world sense of drama, the original of “Need Electric” delved deep into the creepy, tweaked-out minimalism that has always been Audion’s M.O. So it stands to reason that Audion’s remix would only be, well, creepier and tweakier, full of pitched-down voices and the kind of slow-motion squeal and buzz-bomb howl that has been Audion’s trademark since 2006’s “Mouth to Mouth.” It’s ominous and gargantuan and somehow strangely quiet all at once, moving across the dance floor like the eye of the storm.

Read more and give both the original track and the remix a listen over at Spin, and keep your fingers corssed for a Daniel Avery Boston performance soon.

Want to learn to crush a club like Dan and Matt? We’re located in the heart of Cambridge, just steps from the MBTA Red Line.