3 New Features in Max 7.1

Max Msp

Yesterday, Cycling ’74 released an updated version of their flagship programming application, Max.  Version 7.1 comes with a ton of new features, here are 3 of our favorites:

Max 7.1 Collections

1. Collections/Tags And Searches

Cycling’s website reads, “A collection is Max’s version of a playlist and can be made up of files that fit a certain criteria (for example, all audio files from 2011, back when audio files sounded better) or a simple list of things you want to organize”.

Essentially, Max now allows you to sort your patches in any way you choose, and recall them at a moment’s notice.

Building off of the concept of a collection, Max now allows you to tag a patch or project with keywords or phrases. This will allow for a more organized recall system, as tagging multiple patches you’ll need later with the same keyword will making finding them a lot easier.

Max 7.1 Workspaces

2. Workspaces

Max’s new workspace feature lets you keep working right where you left off with a new workspace feature that re-opens all the documents you were using when you last quit. This feature will certainly save a lot of time and headache.

Max 7.1 Plugins

3. Plug-in Integration

Max now allows you to access all your VST and AU plug-ins from the patcher frame. Additionally, Max for Live devices can now be used directly in your Max patcher. A new inline plug-in view allows you to configure a custom view of parameters you care about – and hide the rest. And, you can easily automate plug-in parameters with Max messages.

Max For Live

4. Bonus!

And, of course, Max for Live has received a big overhaul as well.

Check out the full list of updates on Cycling ’74’s website.


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DJing with Vinyl w/ DJ Rugged One [9/4] #FREE

DJ Rugged OneEach and every Friday, we’re proud to open the doors of our music school in Central Square for a FREE seminar, demo or meet-up. Hell, we’ll even throw a classical music concert or two. What’s in store this week? Let’s find out:

Learn how to DJ with vinyl records with special guest Rugged One. This workshop will focus on both the physical and auditory differences between analog and digital sounds, as well as the differences between 12”, 10” and 7” records, records that spin at 33 ⅓ and 45 RPM, and spherical and elliptical cartridges. A brief history of phonograph records will also be given.

DJ Rugged One has been in the game for many years and has firmly established a name for himself in the industry as a professional deejay and producer. Spinning at numerous bars, lounges & clubs, he effortlessly creates a vibe that keeps the dance floor packed. His passion for music naturally led him into the realm of music production, where he actively takes on remix projects and creates brand new material with a plethora of skilled artists. Rugged One earned his stripes during his years as a competitive DJ, placing as a finalist in many battles, never failing to intimidate and turn heads! He continues to be sought after and commissioned to create mix CDs for respected organizations in the hip hop realm, including Undergroundhiphop.com, Brick Records and others, all while juggling his own independent releases. Receiving notable praise in a vast array of publications & websites, Rugged has evolved over the years to become the “total package,” a DJ who can satisfy the purest of hip hop heads, the wildest of college club-goers and everything in between, taking you on a musical trip in the process. He enjoys what he does and is a true entertainer. DJ Rugged One…the man, the myth, the DJ… go on, go on and GET DOWN!

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Ableton Live Meetup 8/21


Interested in boosting your knowledge of Ableton?  On Friday, August 21st, the Mmmmaven Project will be hosting their FREE monthly Ableton Live Meetup.  These meetups allow musicians of all levels to fine tune their producing and mixing skills in Ableton Live with the help of Mmmmaven instructors and special guests.

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Production Classroom

This month’s topics are:

Sound Design w/ Hardware Synthesizers in Ableton Live taught by Mitchell Owens, Berklee graduate, sound designer and electronic composer/producer from Durham, North Carolina.

Synthesizer petting zoo

Interested in learning to DJ or produce music with Ableton Live?  Click here for more information on Mmmmaven and available courses.

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An Intro to Ableton Live with Andrew Hlynksy

This Friday night, Andrew Hlynsky will be at Mmmmaven for an Introduction to Ableton Live for Working Musicians.


Presented by Boston Music Scene, this workshop will show musicians how to use Ableton Live in a performance setting. Andrew will cover live looping, recording directly into clips, and changing audio into MIDI. Grab some (FREE) tickets, bring a friend, and come learn a thing or two.

I find it very interesting that the art world is trying to push sound into the same box as painting, video, photography etc. In reality these things are closer to being music then ever before.

-Andrew Hlynsky

Andrew Hlynsky is an electronic musician, drummer, and sound designer. He has performed everywhere from the Firefly Festival to Herd Studio and has performed as a VJ at places like Camp Bisco, Phoenix Landing, and the Wonderbar. Having nine years of experience using Ableton Live, Andrew has been teaching Electronic Music Composition for two years.

Listen to Andrew’s beats on soundcloud. Here’s one of his songs:

If you like the workshop, come check out our courses! Contact Sarah to schedule a free introductory DJ lesson or a tour of the studio.