Inside the Livecoding Algorave Movement

You want the future of music? Here’s one idea. They call it Algorave (via CDM)

“You can’t really separate music from community.”

“I see the same motivation behind wiring and re-wiring a modular synthesizer and modifying live code while it runs.”

“I like the folk music model where people borrow tunes from each other all the time. Free/open source music fits into that nicely.”


Way, way, WAY more over at CDM Blogs.

Get into it! Our June classes are a shocking 15% until Friday and computer music is what Ableton is all about. Email me.

Festival Of Us – Weekend Long Art and Dance Extravaganza

festival of us

Are you a fan of art in many different forms? If so, mark your calendars for this upcoming, open event right in the heart of Cambridge. From Friday, June 24th – Sunday, June 26th, The Dance Complex in combination with Cambridge Arts Council’s Riverfest and Dance For World Community Festival to bring you The 2nd Festival of Us, You, We & Them.

From the sidewalks to inside of the Dance Complex (536 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139) there will be art everywhere: including concert and pop-up performances, classes on various dance genres, and “spontaneous actions of creation”. Many of these events are free and they will all be open to the public for enjoyment. It’s a half showcase, half celebration!

Click here for the programming schedule. You are not going to want to miss out!


Exploring The Connection Between Visual Art And Music On Mmmmaven’s Walls


Walking up to Mmmmaven’s front door, you might first be greeted by the distant thumping of an 808 drumbeat or chopped up melodies drifting through the air from turntables inside. However, upon entering the school, it is nearly impossible to miss all of the art hanging on the walls. Created by local artist Ammon Embry-Pelrine, this collection of visually stimulating art as diverse as dark woodworks and bright fractals perfectly compliments Mmmmaven’s ethos: a mastery of equipment and technology channeled into art.

My favorite mediums when making art used to be scraps of wood. All of my lacquered wall panels were made entirely of scrap material that was going to be thrown out. My newer kaleidoscopic processing project was a nice departure because it allowed me to take an image from my daily experience and turn it into something very different.

A photo posted by Ammon EP (@ammon_ep) on

It’s no coincidence Ammon’s art works so well on the walls of Mmmmaven. A producer himself, you can see his roots in psy trance in fractal pieces like Frost and Stone, while his deep house days are immortalized in dark, pensive woodwork pieces like Arise and Stripe 2. For Ammon, his visual and sonic artistries flow organically into one another. Suffice to say, there’s no way of separating the artist from the musician.

My approach to visual art is very similar to my musical focus in that within both mediums my intention is to generate something that captivates the imagination yet is still grounded enough to be approachable.  I find that my default approach tends to include a certain amount of both mystery and warmth.

Not one to remain stagnant, Ammon’s art takes the viewer on a visual journey through a series of unique yet ultimately cohesive styles, serving as inspiration for Mmmmaven students and instructors alike. Perhaps it’s the natural whimsy of his works, reminiscent of Marcel Duchamp’s Readymades and Bruce Nauman’s flashing neon pieces, which evokes wonder in the minds of those who see it. It might be the warm glow from the digital pieces that provide soothing, silent words of encouragement to producers stuck on a new track late on a Friday night. Whatever it is, there’s no denying the inspiration drawn from these pieces of art.

“I’m a big proponent of having elements within one’s personal space that help to quiet the mind,” Ammon says. “We live in a very scattered time period, especially in the city.” His art has certainly progressed over the years, but the one constant is the tranquil nature of it all. “A lot of my older pieces are intended to convey a sense of stillness. My newer work is certainly brighter but my goal is usually to keep the symmetry pleasing to the eye and not too cluttered.”


However you look at Ammon’s works in the Mmmmaven halls, there’s no doubt the artist has found a beautifully delicate balance between technical proficiency and true artistry. The result is a fantastic visual representation of everything Mmmmaven stands for.

“Certainly music has always been a cornerstone of my reality.  The visual art component came from years of experience as a painter and finisher in wood shops,” Ammon touched on. “I think both mediums allow for us to try to convey the inexpressible. There are certain elements of both music and visual art that cannot be re-told in any other way.”


To experience Ammon’s art for yourself, stop by Mmmmaven for a complimentary DJ lesson. Already know how to DJ? Consider stopping by at one of our free Friday night workshops. This week’s lesson is all about free Max/MSP, a lesson every producer could benefit from.

Add Some Flare To Your Turntables With These Artistic Slipmats

Looking to spiff up your turntables?  Maybe add a little personal, artistic touch to your DJ setup?  A simple way to add flare to your turntables is different colored slipmats, a trick many DJs use.  You can find them anywhere, but Etsy has a ton of cool designs by independent artists. Peep your eyes on these:

For the art-buff in you, this cool recreation of The Great Wave of Kanagawa on Cork:

The Great Wave Slipmat

Or perhaps Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man:

Vitruvian Man

Maybe Astronomy is more your forte; visit these designs of the Moon, the Solar System and the Galaxy:

Moon Slipmat

Solar System Turntable

Galaxy Slipmat

Feeling hungry?  You can’t eat this Pepperoni Pizza Slipmat:

Pepperoni Pizza Slipmat

We’re pretty impressed with these patterned designs from The Cork Branch:



Cube Illusion:

Cubed Slipmat

“The Shining” Carpet:

Shining Carpet Slipmat

Triangle Illusion:

Triangle Illusion Slipmat

Floral Pattern:

Floral Design Slipmat

Want to have a slipmat that is uniquely yours?  Try a Custom Slipmat!  This artist lets you upload your own design, and they print it onto a slipmat just for you:

Custom Slipmat

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