Moog Announces Re-Release of Modular Synthesizers with Film, “Back to the Future Sounds”

Earlier this year, Moog Music Inc. announced a limited re-release of three modular synthesizers. The three mod-synth models, which were originally manufactured back in 1973, include the System 55, the System 35 and the Model 15.


To celebrate this announcement, Moog uploaded a short film to their Youtube entitled, “Back to the Future Sounds,” which chronicles the history of the modular synthesizer.

This 20 minute short is a time warp, alternating between gritty, retro, sci-fi cutaways and recent interviews at the Moog Factory, held with a range of electronic musicians from Dick Hyman to Holy Ghost.

So be sure to plug in your highest quality headphones or monitors, as Moog suggests in the video, for the “proper listening experience,” and enjoy.

Our Music Synthesis class can guide you through the new world of music synthesis. Times certainly have changed, but the synthesizer, created in 1876, isn’t going anywhere.

Bass Synth Reviews from a Bassist: Novation Bass Station II

The people at Novation truly have a weapon on their hands and it’s ready for war. This weapon has been dubbed the “Bass Station II”.


This synth comes with two oscillators and LFO’s, each with several controls for them. This bass synth also comes with an arpeggiator that allows you to choose the tempo, rhythm, arrangement of notes as well as how many notes in the arpeggio should be played. The oscillators come with adjustable settings and you can even switch between the two oscillators.

If you end up finding a patch that you really like, you can edit it as you like and save it. You can also download the Librarian Software that Novation provides so you can have an unlimited number of patches!


From the moment I laid my hands on this synth, I was severely impressed. I pressed a key down on the first patch preset, and out came an unexpectedly fat sound. I went through all 64 presets and found an interesting use for all of them in a live setting. From old school funk songs like “Funkin’ for Jamaica” by Tom Browne all the way to new bay area style rap songs like “Show Me” by Kid Ink,  you can find sounds that are similar to those songs, and every style in between.


  • Easy to use and customize
  • Preset patches already sound fantastic and are ready for use.
  • Lots of options to choose from as you’re not limited to a “bass” sound

Below you can watch a full song being performed by electronic artist, Continuum, brought to us from NovationTV.

Although this video does not demonstrate how massive this synth can be, you’ll have to take my word and the hundreds of satisfied customers.

For the Novation Bass Station II’s versatility, compatibility, and ease of use, I have to rate this a 5 out of 5!

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FYI: Hack Arturia’s MiniBrute / MicroBrute for More Synth Options

Looking to get more out of your Arturia analog synth? Hacking is definitely the way to go.

Both synths are of great quality out the box. They are also set at a good price, ranging from $350-400$ US Dollars. The “Hack-a-Brute” website gives great instruction on hacking these synths. What’s cool about the website is that it not only gives you blueprints and schematics for these synths, but it also comes in different languages!  You can even add wooden parts to your synth to give more of a homemade kind of feel.

You can Learn how to add a step-sequencer to your synth by clicking here.

The MiniBrute is already a nice synth. Sure, it’s not as compact as the more recent MicroBrute and lacks that synth’s cute little modulation patching section, but you also get full-sized keys, and it’s still a lovely instrument.

Below is a video of the MiniBrute being tested with Arturia’s BeatStep Pro.

Here is a comparison of the two synths side-by-side.


Thanks to Create Digital Music for bringing this to light.

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Free Modular Bass Pack for Ableton!

spektro audio

Spektro Audio has released a sample pack full of analog bass sounds for FREE download.

Starting with a Eurorack modular, then running it through their CV-toolkit, Spektro created 10 Sampler-based bass patches. The CV-toolkit is an incredible tool for digitally controlling and effecting analog synths. At $20 standalone, or free with Max for Live, it’s a worthy purchase for anyone who owns an analog synthesizer! If you don’t own one, fear not, this sample pack should keep you happy for now.

We tried to come up with analog bass sounds that can work great in many different music genres by using variety of different oscillators, filters and synthesis techniques. – Spektro Audio

All samples were recorded at 24-bit and 48kHz through the UAudio Apollo interface, so whether you’re an amateur or pro in any genre, you’ll be ready to go with high quality and versatile sounds. Download the pack!

If you want to hear the sounds in action, Peter Kirn from Create Digital Music used the new sounds and his QuNexus Keyboard to make a series of loops that are also free to download on his Soundcloud:

For more free/cheap Max for Live devices, sample packs, and more, check out their projects page. And for instruction on all of the above, enroll in our music production program.