Porter Ricks with Drew McDowall @ Goethe-Institut Boston [Wed 4/9]

porter ricks

Porter Ricks, a prodigious techno duo also known as Thomas Köner and Andy Millwig, recently re-released their groundbreaking album Biokinetics. Originally from the 90s, Biokinetics was the first album released on Berlin’s famous label Chain Reaction.

In his recent interview with Time Out New York, Köner talked about names, the industry, the restart of Porter Ricks, and more.

On how they got their name:

When we were discovering the idea of heroism—in everyday life, but especially in the studio—we thought of this character of Porter Ricks, who somehow would always come in at the last minute and rescue everything.

Porter Ricks, for those not familiar, is a character in a sort of aquatic “Lassie,” called “Flipper,” in which Porter Ricks is a park warden and his Lassie is a bottlenose dolphin, Flipper. Porter Ricks (the duo) feels particularly inspired by the liquid quality of music, making Porter Ricks (the hero) a great namesake.
On new projects:

We’re working on this software that will enable us to generate, mix and master all the music on the spot. This is not really finished yet, so I can’t predict how it’s going to be. We’ll see what we can do with it.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? Porter Ricks is not an act to miss and they’re coming to Boston:

Porter Ricks
Goethe-Institut Boston
Wednesday, April 9, 2014
Boston, MA

And final words of wisdom from Köner:

You don’t want things to be predictable; that’s just too boring and too sad. Both Andy and I enjoy the danger and the risk involved with the improvisatory approach. Porter Ricks himself was fearless, you know.

Source: Thomas Köner of Porter Ricks by Bruce Tantum of Time Out NY

An Ambient Art Show Mix by @MmmmavenProject Instructor Baltimoroder


Baltimoroder (on the left there, Coralcola on the right) is more than just an instructor at our Boston DJ school, the Mmmmaven Project. He’s also been a resident at our 8 year-old party #MakeItNew for the entire length of its run. He’s also been a resident at the legendary Hearthrob and Thunderdome parties (one Google Image Search for him will pull up thousands of party photos).

He also been an artist. And he’s a bit of a record collector too:


But over everything, he’s a studied sculptor of sound. Whether its drum and bass or trance or, really anything you throw at him. So we were not at all shocked when he sent us his latest mix (and they are pretty rare) of luminous ambient/downtempo grooves. “2 hour chill, ambient, no-beatmatching mix/thing I did,” he said succinctly. “Some good non-dance stuff; lots of harmonic sequencing.”

Made for “An Art Show,” a collection of art and fashion from our friend Erin Robertson, that interweaves Oval with Art of Noise, Boards of Canada with Broadcast, or Nobuzaku Takemura with The Knife.

Learn from Baltimoroder, or one of our many other talented instructors, inside the Project but for now …

Let’s Go Swimming:

An Art Show Mix by @Baltimoroder @Mmmmaven by Mmmmaven on Mixcloud

Klimek – Gymnopedie
Four Tet – My Angel Rocks Back and Forth
M83 – Waves, Waves, Waves
DJ Koze – 40 Love
DNTEL – My Orphaned Son
Ripperton – No More Airplanes
Plaid – Milh
Vuolo / Grande – Blow Bubbles
Oval – Do While
Seefeel – Through You
Art of Noise – Moments in Love
Bop – Enjoy The Moment (Unquote Remix)
Microstoria_Stereolab – Endless Summer
Nobukazu Takemura – Falls Lake
Rex The Dog – Heartsong
The Knife – Heartbeats (OneMusic mix)
Joachim Spieth – You Don’t Fool Me
Boards of Canada – In A Beautiful Place Out in the Country
Dani Siciliano – Same
Various Production – Limbs
Movietone – Night in These Rooms
Born Heller – Mountain Song
Gregor Schwellenbach (feat. Jane Berthe) – Triola AG Penthouse
Portishead – Glory Box
Pogo – Alice
Broadcast – Accidentals
Thinking Fellars Union Local 282 – Noble Experiment
Magnetic Fields – Babies Falling
Laurie Anderson – Let X=X
How To Dress Well – & It Was U
Dapayk Padberg Ft. Caro – Island (Noze Remix)
Ms John Soda – Solid Ground
Sebastien Tellier – La Ritornelle