Roland Reveals New AIRA Modular

The new system is billed by the company as “modular for the masses”. -factmag

This new System-1m is a standalone synth that features four different effects units.

The SYSTEM-1m is a semi-modular version of the SYSTEM-1 synth with extra features like CV/Gate connections, external input, and more comprehensive signal routing options. Next there’s a range of standalone, table-top and Eurorack compatible effects for next-level sound mangling and experimentation, with distortion, crusher, delay and scatter coming soon.

Bitrazer: is a “programmable crusher effect with CV/Gate and Euroack Compatability.” This allows the DJ to have more control and flexibility over the crushing effect. This effect is programmable via computer, smartphone, or tablet!

Demora: “Programmable High-Resolution delay with CV/Gate and Eurorack Compatability” This allows for more flexibility and control over the delay effect.

Scooper: This effect unit is designed for the Scatter effect. With its 16 million steps of resolution is provides ultra-smooth controls.

Torcido: This versatile modular effect gives you control over the classic distortion effect. Just like the others, it is programmable via computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Click on this AIRA Modular Intro video and get a sneak peak of the new hardware. These units are called the Bitrazer, Demora, Scooper, and Torcido.

To better understand the Roland AIRA Modular and/or learn about this innovative hardware please contact Sarah for any questions and to get signed up for a music production class! You can also call 617.849.9321!

For more click on this FactMag article- “Roland officially reveals AIRA Modular and it’s both Eurorack and smartphone compatible

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